409 Mist / 407 Wind Monk LFG [H] Blackrock server

Hiya, Monk LFG :slight_smile:

409 Mistweaver
407 Windwalker
404 Brewmaster

975 IO (if that is important)

Vanilla player (originally on Spirestone), started playing on Blackrock in the guild < Onineko > in BC (those that remember BC Blackrock PvP will remember Oni). Fifteen years later I’m still playing, and looking for a cool group to run evening M+'s and fill-in wherever as heals, dps or tank in a pinch.

I haven’t been able to actively raid for the past six years since my son was born (being a Dad > WoW), though I like to run M+ after my kids go to bed (9 server time usually), and I’d love to find a guild to chat with and help out if possible. I can’t commit to a dedicated raid schedule (like I used to) cause I have amazing 6 and 3.5 year old boys that i spend as much time with as possible, but I’m always down to heal a M10+ (anything really) or jump in as an alternate for raid nights when I’m available.

If I’m not on my Monk , I’m on my 398 Warlock - Dispayr or 396 Rogue - Wusthof. Or possibly leveling some of my other toons (have every class at 110 at least on Blackrock).

Looking forward to finding a stable, nice group of cool ppl to run with again.


Hey Microbrews! We aren’t on blackrock unfortunately, and that sucks! I have three kids myself so I understand the demand. My guild is very active with keys, we have 3 raid groups and are lively on discord. It’s a good group of people :). Anyways If off server is on the table then you should check is out. Take care!

Hey Earthwyrm, thanks for the reply! Sounds like we’re in the same boat :slight_smile: I’ll keep Hubris in mind; i’d like to avoid server transfer, but I’m open none the less… a good group of people is worth a few dollars in transfer fees.

Hi Microbrews! My husband and I recently started a new guild with a group of close friends and we’re looking to add a few more members to raid and run M+ with us. Most of us have family and/or jobs, so we’re mostly active in the evenings. I have three kids myself and they’ve always come first, so we completely understand where you’re coming from. We have set our raids for Tues and Thurs from 8-10:30 pm PST strictly so that we can raid after the kids go to bed. You sound like exactly the type of person we’re looking for…mature adult with a good head on your shoulders. As we’re adding to the guild, we’re searching for people who won’t add unnecessary drama. Ultimately, we all play to have fun and relax from our real world stresses. We’d be happy to have you join us! I know you weren’t looking to server transfer quite yet, but if you change your mind, we’re always happy to have you. We’re horde on Zul’jin and you can message me anytime: Babybones#1163

5/9M horde guild (on Spirestone) TUE/WED 915-1215 Eastern raid times. Active guild w/ heroic/alt runs, RBGs and M+. If you want more info add me