408R druid LF Mythic team


Hi there, I am looking for a Mythic raid team! I will be staying Alliance. I have had a hard few months with medical stuff with my daughter, so I know I am behind in logs/neck. Things are clearing up tho! I would LOVE a 9/9M team to join so I can get CE for BoD. I know I am a good enough player for it as I have sub 20% pulls on M Jaina already. I am looking for a forever home, but would be willing to rotate in/out as needed. I will be putting in more time out of raid doing M+ and stuff now that I have more free time. Would be awesome if said guild did those as a guild as well (cause pugs are awful). I am friendly, caring and helpful. I am down to make changes for the better of the team. I don’t have time for drama and will do my very best each pull. Please post below with your guild info and real ID so I might contact you.

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We are a 9/9H 8/9M semi-hardcore guild seeking to push CE. We expect people to show up prepared and ready to down bosses and have fun. Casually Disorganized will be a top guild in the near future. Do you want to be a part of the success or on the outside wishing you hadn't missed the opportunity?

Needs: Ranged dps and Heals

Raid Nights: Tues/Wed 8-11pm est (prog) Sun 8-11pm est prog until Jaina is dead then alt/casual run

We are looking for players willing to put in maximum effort to achieve our goals together. Even if your class/spec isn't listed in our needs feel free to come to us. We will never turn away good players.

Contact Info:


Thank you so much, and I will edit my post. Wanting to stay alliance!

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Ewwwwwww :grin:


I know, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I tried Horde and it just didn’t feel like home. Altho I feel your side has better lore.


Hello Warenpeace! :heart:

[A] Snip Snip is a casual guild rebuilding their ranks and we’d love to have you join our membership. We’ll treat you with respect and kindness (a rarity nowadays)!

Since 2007, Snip Snip has been know as an active, social guild who dabbled in raiding, leveling, and laughing along the way. Yea, all that is going to stay the same except we’re going to do it with a little more style. (I’m not sure if that means cursive or not)…

We’re going to farm more delightful rare mounts, tame or commandeer exotic pets, start RBG’s groups rolling, begin mythic raiding all while having a positive, respectful environment so everyone can enjoy this game (this is our escape from our RL). Oh yea, did I mention we’re going to goof off a lot?

In the same Snip Snip spirit, we’ll do hide-and-seek events, lotteries, raffles, and anything else our creative minds can muster. Interested? PST in game for an invite (you know you’re curious).

Hope to hear from you soon! :blush: Welcome Home!

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Thank you, but I am looking for a mythic raiding team right now.



We’re 6/9M BoD and is looking for a druid or 2 :slight_smile:. We’re currently raiding on Mon, Tues and Thurs from 8:30 to 11:30 pm Central times. Would love to chat with you more. Please add me at Rosettechrno#1937 for more info. Thanks


As a friend of Warenpeace, I do have to say that she is an amazing healer. She raid leads us two nights a week on her alt & she does an awesome job of that.

She knows her stuff in game & out of. She’d be a great addition to any guild she joined.


Thank you Ralaa! <3


Hey Warenpeace,
Deviancy-Stormrage is currently looking to add a few more healers to our roster for BoD reclears and Azshara’s Palace. We’re currently 9/9M in BoD. We raid Tues/Sun/Mon from 5:30pm - 8:30pm PST.

Your mindset is exactly what we’re looking for. I’d love to talk with you to see if we would be a good fit for you!

My Btag is: Lulzies#1540


PS We’re on Alliance, it won’t let me change my avatar to any of my Alliance toons.


Thanks very much! I added you and should be home all day.