408 MW monk LF afternoon Alliance guild


Hi I’m 408 MW monk LF an alliance raiding/m+ guild that is active and raiding in afternoons

Due to my current job and work shift I work 4am to 1pm CST so I’m looking for a guild that raids about 2-3 days a week. I can raid 2pm cst to about 5/6pm cst at the very latest… I’m usually in bed and asleep by 7pm so would really like to be done raiding by 5pm but 6pm at the latest

I haven’t played wow a lot in BFA mainly due to the fact that it just hasn’t been that fun… I started the xpac off as Rdruid and got to around 1k IO and cleared 2/8 Mythic Uldir took a long break and came back a few months ago and worked on my monk where I main swapped and been doing keys mainly casually and some BoD/CoS pugging here and there but not much… currently I’m 1.1k IO on my mw monk and some experience in heroic BoD… I really could care less about BoD or CoS( will start raiding if needed right away) but really interested in finding a guild for Azshara and beyond(Ive been looking forward to fighting Azshara for a long time so thats my main reason for returning to raiding beside I do miss raiding sometimes)

On my free time I love to do m+ and try an push keys in legion I was around 2kish IO on my Rdruid and come next season I really plan to start pushing keys again

As for type of guild i’m looking for I’m really looking for a laid back heroic AOTC guild that dabbles in mythic pushes as far as they can but doesnt go all hardcore and pushes for CE.

If I sound like I could be a good fit for your guild feel free to leave a message on here or add me on btag or discord

Btag: slytherin05#1744
Discord: Timelord of Gallifrey#5963


For some reason this posted under my low lvl monk…this is my actual main