408 Hdh Lf Morning or Late night guild


Hi, Im taco

Long story short i’ve been in an out of Bfa more than i have the entirety of me playing this game. That started hyper late BC, may as well call me a wrathbaby.
My toons name is Fwipz, but i go by Taco in every other respect. i just cant give that name up…
Took forever for me to settle on a main. Had many things to concider, what i wanted to do. roles i liked to play/felxibility/mobility (dh-lol), the time i have ect.
Most recent time I cared to raid was antorus, Made it 5/11m(on my uhdk). People in the guild and the game itself were losing interest.

fwipz is 408 currently, that will be constantly changing obviously with the new patch coming out. my goal is to get CE in on capacity or another before 9.0
I got no recent logs for you. My i.o sucks because i stopped giving a sht about this game. Im not apposed to off tanking at all but i have no intention of being the raid tong perma. I like tanking mythics way more. havent done so this expac much at all.

what im looking for in a guild is some actual structure. requirements. attendance enforcement for raids. AN ACTUALLY ACTIVE DISCORD…some f*cken shenanigans here and there. and some good times. and probably memes.
clearly i intend on raiding, but thats not my top priority right now. my neck and rep is. And im probably going to be leaning towards anything with morning raids.
not apposed to super latenights either.

im going to be working 3-11pm central. thats 4-12 for you easterplebs.
socially im pretty lax and could get along with nearly anybody.
I’m tired of pugging. looking for a new home.
I dont have any recent logs for ya.
all i got is my quality as a player and some f*cking grinding to do.