406 Frost Mage 9/9H 1/9M

Hello Onichanlol,

I just wanted to shoot our guild information for you to look over if interested!

Looking to expand our Social, Heroic, and Mythic raid team

ABOUT More Dot-

An openly run and honest guild looking to expand our ranks throughout. We have members from all over the world who contribute to all aspects of the guild. Raiding can get stressful sometimes, so we all enjoy setting aside days to PVP/M+/achievements. Raiding with friends is what we all strive to do, we just need more friend =P

Service: Stormrage (A)


Mythic - Friday/Satuday 9pm-1am ST
Heroic - Tuesday 8pm-12pm


3/9M BoD



Resto Shaman
Holy Priest
Mistweaver Monk


Any ranged

As always, we welcome any mythic or heroic ready players to fill out our core.
All raids spots are open and competitive (we will bring the best available players each night).

We also desire casual/social/achivement junkies for our guild.


If interested please contact any of the following:

Guildmaster - Secured#1406 bnet/ Secured#4600 discord
Officer - Anxiety#11832 bnet
Officer - Bonza#11353 bnet


Apply @ Guilded.gg/Moredots

Sailrmoonkin#11855 we are 8/9H 1/9M and fit in the raid times add me

Icon is a fun-loving horde guild on Thrall that’s managed to stay together in one form or another since week one of vanilla! We raid twice a week on Thursdays and Mondays from 9 to Midnight EST and are currently 9/9h 1/9m BoD.

We’re seeking more like-minded individuals who treat the game as a fun escape and not a second job. We enjoy pushing into Mythic but only until it stops being fun. When that is depends on the tier and the raid but we’re not trying to burn ourselves out to get one more kill if you get my meaning.

We enjoy chatting outside the game on our discord server and even have an annual meetup in Dallas we call “IconCon”!

We’re not looking to add bodies to throw at bosses or just another collection of numbers that are means to an end, we’re looking for Icons - people who will stay for the long haul.

If any or all of that sounds intriguing to you friend me on bnet (Mahanaxar#1991), discord (Mahanaxar#6385), or send an email to IconGuildThrall@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

Reforged is a team in the Eternal Kingdom Community on Area 52 HORDE (FOR THE HORDE!!!) that is focusing on progressing as far as we can in mythic content each tier. We are in need of several specs / classes listed below.

Raid Times: Tues / Wed 9 pm-12 am EST

Classes / Specs Needed:

Preferred Ranged, but will consider all exceptional DPS!

About our Team

We are all working adults from different walks of life that love to come together at the end of a long day and play this game. We do raiding together, we pvp some together, and we love doing mythic +'s with one another. You can always find someone online willing to do something! We are looking for people who will add to that community feel.

Attendance: Reforged holds its raiders to an attendance of 80% or greater. This is to ensure that we can rely on our raiders to be there, and progression can happen. All raiders are expected to make Leadership aware of any absences as far in advance as possible. Members who have repeated absences without notification will be dropped from the team.

Loot: Personal, subject to change based on progression.

About our Community
Eternal Kingdom is a large community consisting of 8 guilds, 12 Mythic raid teams, 6 Heroic raid teams, friends, and family. We are on 2 realms, one for alliance (Proudmoore) and one for Horde (Area 52). We pride ourselves in having a positive, all inclusive guild which houses players with varying degrees of experience and time able to be devoted to this game.

Contact: Fyrpixie (BNET: Fyrpixie#1477 DISCORD: Fyrpixie#6101)

Raid times / days: Tues / Weds / Thurs 9pm est - 12am est.
Optional Day: Monday 9pm est - 12 am est.
Heroic Runs: Typically done on the weekends, feel free to bring your alts, also optional.
Progression: 7/9 M (First raid week was Tuesday 3/5, cleared first 6 bosses)





Shadow Priests



We’re a guild that was created from a core of ex top 10 US raiders, made our own guild to PUMP and get CE this tier. Going to be building a monster roster, then pushing ranks for the next coming tiers.


If you’re in and want to be apart of a guild that is aiming to get weird, hmu. Supremacy#11937

 <Goonies Never Say wipe> 

On Zuljin US

Hey I’d love to talk to you We have core spot for a good Mage in our heroic raid group we raid one day a week on Sunday nights from 6 to 10 EST Saturday night optional normal / alt clears we are 9/9 Normal and 7/9 heroic we always get Aotc we run mythic plus 10 keys daily here my battle tag Mako#1649 hope to hear from you

Our mythic roster is competitive

Who: Cloudy Day
What:: Semi-Casual 4/9M & 9/9H BoD - 6/8M and 8/8H Uldir
When: Friday and Saturday. 10p-2a EST
Where: Zul’jin - Horde
Why: Adult environment. We try to achieve AOTC asap and then do what we can in Mythic

Current Needs:

High parsing DPS as mythic spots are competitive

Your neck should be 34
400+ ilvl

AaronKish#6048 (Discord)

Check out the weekday raid time!