405 Warlock (Returning Player) LF 3-4+ Day/Week


Hello. I am a recently returning player looking to also return to the raiding scene. The last bit playing the game has been rough due to failing/guild after guild into the start of the expansion in a guild undergoing a complete rework that turned out badly.

After a break from leaving during Uldir I am looking to come back and really push, I’ve been giving it my all to play catch-up. My goal is to achieve Cutting Edge in a decent time-frame.

Most Recent/Relevant Logs can be included on message.
warcraftlogs .com/character/us/kiljaeden/cillbosby#zone=19&difficulty=4

For any further questions or concerns please add me on Bnet at Travis#1688 or Discord at Travis#7204

I also quite enjoy multi-classing and an environment where that could be a benefit or alt raids would be sick.