405 Blood DK LF Guild

BNET: Valhalla#13363
Discord: Until_Valhalla#1775

Hey Folks! 405 Blood DK LF guild here! A good, solid group of people who are reliable, ridiculous, and fun. I am currently 6/8H VoTI with progress on H Raz. Also some pulls on Mythic Eranog and Council. But let’s face it, it’s hard living the pug life.

Looking for an AoTC focused guild that slays together and plays together. Social group of misfits that are completely awesome and amazing.

I would prefer to stay Alliance, but I am down to server transfer for the right people.

Either way, if you’re a guild needing a tank, drop me a line at the posted contact info. Don’t wait! Hit me up today!

Hello! You sound exactly like the kind of person we’re looking for! If you’re willing to go frost or unholy in raid but tank some keys with us we’d love to have a chat! Checkout my post and shoot me a discord message.


Thanks for the note, but I’m not really wanting to DPS. I prefer tanking, and haven’t DPS’d a raid since Warlords. Just don’t get much enjoyment out of it.

I have room on my raid roster for a blood tank.

Lets chat on Discord.