404 not found - can't login to correct account


for some reason i’m logged onto the forums on this random RAF account i literally just made to get my friend RAF bonuses.

when i click logout, i get a blank page - all the forum headers at the top of the page are there, but the rest of the page is empty. when i navigate to the forums, i’m logged in to this useless throwaway account again.

if i click logout when i click my account name at the very top right of my screen and then ‘log in’, it throws me a 404 NOT FOUND page.

if i navigate back to the forums (still logged in to this rando account) and click account settings, it takes me to the CORRECT account.

i’ve deleted cookies, cache and history. according to firefox it has literally no memory of this rando account and can’t find its email address or password, and yet, here i am, stuck on an account with no character over level 12 on it. bnet launcher is logged into the right account and i can play WoW just fine - I just can’t log into my main account on the forums.

I just got this warning while switching characters on the forums…I think there is still a huge issue with switching characters its take a dang long time to switch them …not like it use too…it was instant now its taking 10 to 15 secs to switch…