401 Mistweaver. Looking for 2 night raiding guild. 4 to 5 hours a week

Hello all! I am returning to a more standard amount of time and am looking for an active guild. I want to still raid but when I go to run a Mythic+. Boom. People want to. I love the game, story, I have raided at a lot of different levels. Currently have a Resto Shaman and Mistweaver Monk at 400 and 401 ilvl. I used to have one of each healer geared in Legion and was confident on them. I am horde now. Barely have amy toons left alliance. Just want a home where people want to be there :slight_smile: hit me up if you think you have a spot I could try out for.

[H] All outta Bubblegum
Raid Schedule: Friday 9:30 - 12:00pm EST, Saturday 9:30 - 12:00PM EST
A few of us start clearing trash @ 9 -9:15pm.

Current Progression
BoD: 8/9N, 6/9H With Mekka @ 10%
Uldir: 8/8N 8/8H,

Recruitment Needs:
We have a solid group that is in need of some adjustments. We are mainly looking for ranged DPS of any class, but more in need of the following:

Item level: 395+ A lower ilvl may be considered based on previous raid experience.
Healer: Pally (preferred) or a Resto shaman
Melee DPS: We are heavy on melee DPS atm, but that could change if we gain more ranged DPS.
Range DPS: Hunter, Mage, Ele Shaman, Crit Chicken and S-Priest.

We do have a trial period of 2 weeks. Calendar invites for raid is up every week, and our raiders are expected to sign up accordingly, and be on time.

Of course this is just what we’re looking for to improve our Raid roster. If you are interested in joining for the social aspect or the many shenanigans we do at random times, then feel free to contact myself or another officer.

Who we are:
AOB is a fun and laid back guild that likes to kick a$$, and of course chew bubblegum…buuuut, I’ll let the guild name do the talking. We’re a fun, rowdy group of fella’s and ladies who enjoy each others company and have fun together whether it’s in a random TW dungeon, mythic+ run, or raids. As well as the occasional Island expeditions and leveling new toons together.

Contact Info:
Crindor#1206 Btag Crindor#2622 Discord
scorpion#1272 Btag Arochon#1539 Discord

Any other member of AoB can direct you to one of the officers. Some members have basic knowledge of what we’re looking for as well.

Hey there! Ode to Undercity is currently Looking for a healer.

About Us
We are a heroic focused raiding guild looking to fill our 20 man roster to work on developing a core team. We use logs to help track our progress and improve our team. Cauldrons and feasts are prepared for the raids, but we ask that everyone does their part in donating to help fund for the raids. Socials are always welcome to join and participate in guild events!

Guild Events
We raid Wed/Thu 9PM-11:30PM server time. We also do rated BG’s for fun on Mondays 9PM-11:30PM server time. Guild Mythic + dungeons are normally done Tuesdays on the reset and most other non-raid nights throughout the week.

Raid Requirements

  • Show up to raid on time

  • Maintain adequate character development

  • Willingness to receive feedback and ideas

  • Well mannered attitude

  • Run your weekly Mythic +

  • We provide enchants, gems, repairs, flasks and cauldrons for the raiders

Feel Free to contact me at Heartshots#1544 if we sound like the right fit.

Howdy Masashige!

How active are you talking about? :wink: And if you are talking about healing keys, well…we sometimes lack healers online to get a guild key group going, so I’m certain you would get pulled in right away…lol!

We always have a tank available, and more than likely the dps up for it.

Right now we generally have 10-12 people online every night, we seem to be busier late nite…like 10pm-2am EST. Still plugging through raids even though we are fighting the attendance boss.

For raids we are looking for DPS with a healing offspec that can switch easily if needed. Do you happen to dps on any of your healing toons?

We are a bit more of a casual group, so sometimes we are missing some of our core healers.

Anyhow, check out our guild spam and let me know if you are interested: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

Best of luck with your search!