400 MW and 395 Holy priest LF guild

I am currently returning to raiding after break since Ghuun(mythic CE). I am currently 9/9H with only week back since quitting. I am looking for raiding guild that raids any days except Wednesday and times are flexible

Btag Chow#1414

Gday lost, We are currently recruiting. Feel free to add me on discord. Zeek#1293

G’day everyone, Kilroggs Corn flakes is a guild on Barhilas who is looking to recruit core raiders to start pushing heroic and mythic Eternal on release.

We are currently 2/2H and 9/9H - We simply didnt have the members to push mythic.

We are an Aussie based guild who loves to have a laugh, and down content at the same time. We will be smashing heroic Eternal on release - then pushing for that mythic.

We raid every Thursday and Friday from 7pm to 10pm ST (AEST)

We currently need DPS across the board and a Resto shaman or druid.

Feel free add my Bnet ( Ezikeal#1565 ) For any further inquires :slight_smile:

Hello Lostlock! I am the GM of a new guild on Area52. I’d love to chat and see if my guild would be a good fit for you. I’ll send you a friend request but also wanted to leave my spam here for you to browse.