40 yard health bars needs implemented badly

Not having this puts range at a huge disadvantage targeting heals also puts melee in a bad spot to bc they’re getting targeted first.


I agree it should be increased, playing a ranged class is terrible without plates

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Agreed. When I play Wrath and can literally see names from clip in Wintergrasp BG I’m like holy shiiii, so much better.

Tab target is your friend.

Kind of a tone def response. You can tab all day and still not get the correct target at 35 yards, also with dot classes you can keep up with you dots way easier.

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Forum troll you are, life you should get

Would a hug help, friend?

How this has not been put in by default is madness.

Even on pve for multi dotters or targetting prio targets it gets annoying. Even back in BFD I was using a macro or tank target frame etc to target a lightning totem.

And yes in group pvp is does mean that anyone out of nameplate range is a lot safer.

Boo… When I did this we didn’t even have raid frames. We used scotch tape and post-it notes and we loved it.

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Nameplates enable you to see enemies through walls like you’re super man, they should be removed from the game entirely

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and ranged have the huge advantage of… well… being at range.

Is good as it is.