4 LFM Wednesday Nights Only

Hey everyone,

Myself and 3 others are looking for a raiding guild that raids Wednesday evenings only.

We are a Holy Paladin (can play Ret, need more gear), Resto Shaman, Holy Priest, Protection Paladin (can play Ret). We’re willing to gear and play other classes/specs if needed aside from the Resto Shaman.

We’re all 395+ and have Mythic raiding experience dating back to Siege and cutting edge experience dating back to BC. We’ve been pugging one night/week and it hasn’t been much fun or conducive to boss kills :(.

We don’t feel super strongly about your progression, but ideally we would be clearing Heroic. We’re primarily looking for an established group so we don’t need to pug any longer.

Open to faction changes and server transfers.


Hey! You said Wednesday only, but like a true recruiter I’m gonna see if you would be willing to do the thing you said you would not do. But hey, worst I can get is a no. And the best? That could be a great home for you and addition for us!! I won’t waste your time, If interested hit me up and I’d love to talk! take care!

We appreciate the interest, but we’re strict on Wednesdays!

Check Eternal Kingdom on Proudmoore. One team raids on Wednesdays 7:30 - 11:30 PST. Google Eternal Kingdom + proudmoore + gallant

Looked super promising, but we’re unable to raid in the morning. Thank you!