4 Faction Warcraft

(Urgrash) #4

Lore wise it would work better than the current set-up, but I can’t see it ever happening.

(Cailias) #5

I’m in WoW for the Horde, so if the Forsaken broke off I’d just roll a Troll or Orc and keep espousing the same anti-Alliance/pro-burn Alliance views on a Troll or Orc.

Besides, Tauren belong either with humans or in the dirt, so these lists are already all wrong.

(Tyrnathera) #6

I don’t care what you do with the rest of them but Tauren and Night Elves need to be their own faction. They have a ton more in common with each other than their factions.


would have made sense
too late now

(Serevèn) #8

My proposal:

  • Keep the Horde/Alliance divide but unrestrict faction interactions.
  • Make each race their own faction in a mechanical sense.
  • Make reps unique and flexible between races. (Night elves start out hating Orcs and Forsaken. Liking Tauren and Worgen. For example.)
  • Give players control over which races they have good and bad standing with through rep grinds.
  • Keep the story centered around canon conflicts regardless of player allegiances and let us choose who to help.

This minimizes work Blizz would need to overhaul the game mechanically, and makes the lore more flexible moving forward.

(Mysterypants) #9

Gamewise, it wouldn’t work. Whoever gets BEs will have far quicker Que times


Shame Blizz never had the guts to lock factions/races when bloated disproportionately to the point of detriment.

(Mysterypants) #11

So if a new player comes along he is force between like 2 to 3 races only within each faction?

Doesn’t sound healthy for the player base at all


Neither does a PvP and M+ ranking list containing two Alliance players for every hundred Horde but here we are.

(Argronak) #13

Horde without Goblins is no Horde. What is going to happen to all the Goblin Zepplins flying around Orgrimmar?

And the Dark Irons with Night Elves and Worgen?

(Droité) #14

Uhh … the BEs as a people would NEVER side with the Forsaken after Sylvanas has riddled their racial name with hypocrisy (outside of those few that could overlook their own racial heritage to such an extent they’d independently join her). The Bilgewater are also not stupid enough to join the faction of the woman who’s on the top of rest of the worlds biggest hit list. They’re a business … ostracizing 3/4ths of the worlds population by sticking by Sylvie is bad business.

As for Faction Four? Why would the Worgen and the Dark Irons abandon the Alliance for the sake of the NEs? I understand that the Worgen ow the NEs A LOT, but you’d essentially be asking them to sacrifice the best chance of getting their own homes back; to reinforce the NEs getting THEIRS back instead. The Dark Irons also do not have any real connections with the NEs (and they CERTAINLY don’t have many (if any) cultural similarities with them). The WIldhammer “maybe”, but definitely not the Dark Irons.

(Arlifrex) #15

If blizzard sucks at writing, designing, and balancing for 2 factions, why and how would they get better at four?

Look at the class halls. Some were great while others were crap.

(Gavik) #16

Well, they could very easily be better with more.

The problem with the factions we have now is that they don’t mean anything. They’re too diverse. What does the Horde stand for? Nothing. Blood Elves, Forsaken and Orcs have virtually nothing in common, aside from the most empty nonsense like “?they want freedom?”

If you had more factions, and each had a narrower, clearer focus, they’d be MUCH easier to write well.

(Bourbonboxer) #17

Wouldnt: Night Elves, Worgen, and Kultirans work better?

(Gavik) #18

Personally, I favor an even crazier approach: go nuts. Tons of factions, but allow cross-faction guilds and groupings so they’re not overly isolating. Also, some races exist in multiple factions.

Something like:
Nature-Lovers: Nelves, Some Worgen, Some Tauren
Savage Horde: Orcs, Tauren, Darkspear Trolls, Ogres?
The Highborne: Belves, Nightborne, maybe some hb Nelves
The Alliance: Humans (stormwind, Strom, gilneas, Kul’tiras), Dwarves, Helves
The Knights of the Ebon Blade: Yes, literally all Death Knights are their own faction
The Cartels: Goblins, various races employed by goblins.

So on and so forth. A multitude of narrow factions with clear aesthetics, clear common culture and clear goals.

(Arlifrex) #19

They could easily write two. We had our answer in vanilla: monsters who want freedom. We had it after mop: a family that protects on another. Even Garrosh’s wasn’t so bad in cata: security. They don’t have to conflict with each other, and frankly any of these warchiefs could’ve found a balance. Blizzard are just trash writers.

(Pyrogar) #20

Forsaken can either grow up as a race or piss off and be their own “pragmatic” faction. They can go force undeath on others without the rest of the Horde being their meatshields. I’m not dying for their personal vendetta against life.

We keep the Blood elves and Goblins tho.

Oh, and they can take Gallywix with them, we’ll install Gazlowe as the Goblins’ new leader. Y’know, someone who actually cares about his people.

(Vespero) #21

Narratively? Yes.

Game mechanically? No. They can barely keep the 2 faction system working. 4 factions would be a cluster****.

Sorry, but if you’re gonna make a “pragmatism” faction, the Goblins are probably going to go with it.

And I don’t think the Bilgewater Cartel would suddenly support a Steamwheedle goblin as their leader.

They go back to being maintained by hired goblin workers, the way they were for the first 3 expansions?

(Ganrel) #22

There is a Goblin graphical rework coming so it could be interesting if they add a little more to it and have you choose between Steamwheedle or Bilgewater. Gazlowe Goblins start questing in Durotar. That way, if you play a Goblin, you can choose between 2 factions.

(Pyrogar) #23

Not if Gazlowe is their leader.

They will, if that Steamwheedle goblin is a better leader than their current egotistical, money-grubbing, tyrant. Which is not very hard to do.