4/8 Rdruid, Ret paladin, Warrior dps LF PST guild


Hello, we are looking for a guild that raids from around 7-10 PST that is at least 4/8M. We understand that bringing three people into a guild at once can be hard and we are willing to sit on the bench and come into farm content to prove ourselves. If you have any questions my btag is Mike#111526


Even though you were blatantly rude on my last post, I’ll give you another chance. We have a couple teams that raid within one hour of your raid times. And even though MY teams times didn’t work for you, I tried to let you know that there are several other teams that very well may. I’d suggest going to our site that I posted for you and you can skim the teams/times because as I said, a couple are very close to your time frame requested.

Good luck on your search mate.