4/8 mythic LF raiding guild for my ALT

Mains Logs: (wont let me link here) but they are all purple and orange with a few 99th % and good mythic logs for progression which usually we overhealed.
Main healer is a 448 resto Shaman. I am happy with my main guild. The toon i am looking to put into a raiding guild is a second resto shaman that is sitting at 405 ilvl. Toon will need gear but once geared i can be a huge impact to your healing core. I am a former world top 20 raider with multiple cutting edges. I can raid any night of the week except Saturday/Sunday as that is my main guilds raid times. Again this is for my alt resto shaman. So if your a guild that is still clearing heroic and working on the first few mythic bosses then i could be an instant impact for you! Battle Tag is Probester#11685

(Shattered Sin) [Alliance-Proudmoore] 4/8 Mythic EP – A Weekend guild LF Exp MYTHIC EP Players — (Mythic EP- SAT/SUN 8PM-11PM Server [West Coast-Pacific Standard Time]), Alt Heroic EP (Fri 8PM-11PM) & Keys [btag–mizakki#1881] We are looking to push as much as we can until next patch. Recruiting for current content and next patch for CE. FYI: Since we are all working stiffs during the weekdays we are not that socially active during the weekdays. Weekends are pretty active: Alt runs, progression and pushing keys.