3rd day in a row Faerilina has gone offline

So, even though the server going down usually doesn’t last too long (which is besides the point), it doesn’t give me a lot of hope for tomorrow when they turn off layering. We have terrible server stability as is, and it’s only going to get worse. I really wish blizz would address their servers. Can’t wait to sit in a long queue tomorrow just so I can hardly play. And then on Thursday, when the pvp really starts… I can’t even imagine. You can’t have any kind of large scale fights… God help us.

waste of time brother

This post makes me even happier that i didn’t stick to a streamer server.


TBH Pservers have had large scale pvp situations that had 100+ players on each side without lag.
Blizzard originally had no lag for large scale events but sense like WoD or Cata they’ve just been ignoring the lag and allowed it to grow into this mess.

They also knew large scale Pvp would have been a major even, especially on streamer servers, so makes no sense why they couldn’t solve the issue way in advance using retail.

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Server crashes happened all the time in vanilla #no changes

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@Whitemane… No changes or not, blizzards issues then with server stability shouldn’t continue into a rerelease. Yes a decent amount of the “Vanilla” Community wanted no changes, but there is a certain thing that they or anyone could mean. Why in the world would people want server crashing over and over? It interrupts your game play and will irritate you. The only people that can be of help to is those that feel like they don’t want to play this content and are using it as leverage to laugh at those playing it and dealing with the issue. Now, if things can get figured out, whatever the issue is, Blizzard has been having this issue when pushed because of how many people they are dealing with on a single server. IF blizzard has made this to be part of their style, they should at least announce it is something they have planned on doing.

just wait for the big day on thursday its going to be a crap show…lol.

They are.

You have been warned multiple times.

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Stop that. Don’t use common sense to remind people that they are responsible for their own actions/inactions.


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