399 WW Monk Looking for a guild

Hi, I am currently look for a guild I missed the first 2 weeks of the expansion but have caught back up I’m 399 ilvl with 3pc of tier so far 2K io and 8/8N 1/8 H and am looking for a guild going forward that will be I heroic into mythic.

Availability: 7pm PST to 11Pm PST
Faction Currently Horde on Zul jin

Logs: Darkmïst - Zul’jin - Warcraft Logs
Btag: evilsbane#1688

Hello! This is Rageskuld with -Area 52. We are a brand new raid team looking for players like yourself to help build a core. We are looking to get AOTC within 4 weeks of getting an established core, and Mythic prog after that.
We raid Tuesday/Thursday 9-12 est
Would you be interested?

Hi sadly your times are just a little too early for me

Can raid any day of the week at those times

Hello! We are currently open to moks

Progress: 8/8 N, 4/8 H

Raid Days/Times: Fri-Sat 8-11pm EST

If you wish to join a community that provides an outlet for proper raiding but still offers a casual and friendly atmosphere then we gladly extend our hand to you! Corporate’s main focus is to provide a comfortable place for players to participate in endgame progression. Our mission is to build a tight-knit community of friends and help each of them with their goals. We gladly welcome players, of all skill levels, a place amongst our ranks!

Our forum post:

Our contact information

Discord: Husky#4195

Battle.net: Husky#12177

Hi Sadly your times are a little to early I am looking for 7pm PST or later

i am Still looking

Hi Dark,

We are in need of a WW for our team. I’ll link our recruitment thread below. If our times and all that work, add me and we can chat! 6/8H horde Area 52

Discord: Jaystir#1204