399 evoke bloke lf heroic guild


My name is Jeff…

And I’m searching for a heroic guild that’s progressing faster than my current one (2/8H). I have experience up to grimtotem on heroic although I haven’t been able to snag a skill there yet with pugs.

Ideally I’d like to raid 2-3 nights a week, big bonus if one of the nights is on the weekend. I have young children, so a start time at 9 est seems to work best for my schedule.

I can play devi or prezzy and I have some logs for both from running with my current guild and pugging heroic kills. I’ve been playing heals for AOTC on most tiers since BFA; just recently started playing dps more in the last two raid tiers.

My biggest gripes with the current guild: raiders not being held accountable for consumables & enchants. Same characters are only acquiring loot from raid (no mythic + / valor / primal infusions). Minimal interest in learning how to improve and perform.

we start at 830 ET on tues/thurs and at 5/8H right now. Let me know if that could work.


Hi Jeff,

We have a slot for you if you’re still looking. We’re on Area 52 horde, 6/8H. I’ll drop a link to our post, add me if you’re interested!
Discord: Jaystir#1204

Hey Jeff!
We are currently 8/8n 7/8H and moving into mythic soon, we would love to have you join our team!

Our raid times are tuesday sunday 8:30-1130 server (Illidan)

BTAG is Essence#11743 looking forward to chatting

Hi. We are a friendly LATE night AOTC/CE team raiding 12:30-3:30 am est (9:30 pm - 12:30 am pst) Tue We Thur. We are looking for a few more raiders. If the days/times work for you add me on Discord = Finity#7697