398 Prot pally, returning player LF raiding guild for 8.2


Hello, I am a returning player who has done everything from hardcore to casual. Looking for a guild that would be right for me.

What I’m looking for:
I am looking for a guild that clears current mythic raiding content.
Your guild could be anything, I’m really opened minded when it comes to schedule and intensity etc. If you’re a guild that requires a geared alt to also be used for raids I’m down with that too. I’m just seeing who is out there and who would want me to raid with them.

My raiding experience:
Vanilla: MC (tank)
Wrath: 11/12 ICC heroic (tank)

Cata: This is when i raided the most seriously the guild I was in finished the first raiding tier (3 raids) world 750 and US 250-275 ish (healer)

MoP: [I thought he was supposed to be hard] [ahead of the curve lei shen] (healer)

WoD: [ahead of the curve: the black gate]

legion: didnt play until the end

BFA: have been pugging random raids

Little about me:
I am 25, and a pretty chill person. I write music, and like to game for fun. Even tho I am pretty relaxed I have always enjoyed competition and pushing myself to be better even at things like video games. All in all I am looking for other cool people who are good at wow to kill some internet dargons with! I am down to try a more serious guild or a more relaxed one. All that matters is we clear the content while having fun doing it!

Currently I am having the most fun playing prot pally, but for the right guild I would be willing to DPS. I am no longer interested in healing as I just recently switched. It has become boring to me :frowning: . Looking forward to your replies! Don’t ask me to fill an application out because I won’t!


I thought I was posting on my main character not some dumb alt. This is the character for all that want to see. sorry


Magog cartel on illidan is recruiting. Would.like to talk add me bnet namreh#1664


Relinquished (7/9M BoD & past CE experience leadership) Horde / Illidan / US. A newly formed guild: Our mission is to build a team for 8.2 and beyond with high CE potential.

Raid times : Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 9:00PM - 12:00AM EST (10:00PM - 1:00AM Server). We do not add raid days or extend time. With the possible progression exception. While multiple specs / classes are not necessary, they are highly desired and will add to your competitive value. However we do welcome all alts!

Currently looking for all classes and specs to build out our core. We look for raiders who have past/current CE experience, those who are currently progressing through or finishing M BoD, and other exceptional players!

Our raiders are expected to hold a near 100% attendance; but we understand real life comes first. Your attendance will be associated with your raid spot, and those who frequently miss should expect this to effect your spot.

Community means a lot to us as! As a guild we seek people who are active outside raid times. From M+ to PvP, Old Achievement runs, and just plain old discord toxicity there are many ways for you to engage with us!

For contact: Btag - Berzzerk#1338 or srdb#1102. Discord: Berzzerk#4516 or Whatsfordin#0375.