398 DK lf morning/ midday raiding guild


Hey everyone, I just came back to wow a few weeks ago sense WotLK and am looking to get back into the raid scene. I’ve been a high end raider in quite a few mmos sense then ranging from Everquest(leading guild on classic server) , Warhammer Online (top 3 in my class) Archeage( leading guild on my server), #1 on D2s ladder (last winter from 85-98 ) and many other achievements. Im geared as a tank main, but can do either tank or dps. I am looking for a layed back, but serious during raid times kind of guild and can Xfer server/faction for whatever is needed.


Good morning Satori. I see you are playing on the horde faction. Not sure if you would play Alliance, but Morning Mayhem is a morning raiding guild. We are an Alliance guild on Stormrage server. We are a casual heroic progressive morning raiding guild. We raid W/Th/F from 0930 am EST to noon. We are in need of a melee DPS. We also run Mythic dungeons through the day. If this may interest you send me a friend request on B-net at Caladin#1631. Thank you for your time.