397 Rogue LF Casual guild doing Herioc Battle and +10 weekly Mythics

397 Rogue LF Casual guild doing Heroic Battle and +10 weekly Mythic’s:

Married with a baby with time on most weekly nights 8PM-11PM EST.
900+ io.Raider mythic key score last season
BoD Normal 9/9 Exp (know the fight just havent gotten in a group to kill her
BoD Heroic 4/9

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Hey there! Dont Die of Hyjal is an adult, casual guild focused on achieving AoTC each raid tier. We enjoy a laid back environment that sees bosses fall at a steady pace.

All we ask is that you know your class, come prepared to raids by watching guides/strats, and pull your own weight.

We are currently 8/9N and 2/9H BoD. We raid on Monday and Thursday from 8-10:30 PM Central Time.

If you’re interested in more info please add my battle tag Wild#11964 or my Discord Wildreaver#5858.

Thanks and hope to talk to you soon!

dude, you ever considered weekend raiding, works awesome with kids. We raid fri/sat 11pm to 1am est just starting to push heroic. And i’ve been dying to get us a rogue to run M+ with.


Got the perfect guild for you, add my btag ~~~ FunkyTurtle#11594

Hey Rolenti we’re interested in you, check us out.

Meters Over Everything are newly formed guild looking to recruit the following classes and roles; Raid times are 8:30-11pm EST Tueday/Friday

Healer Priest ( Any Spec)
Shadow priest
Boomkin, Resto Druid
Shaman Dps/ Resto Shaman
Any Mage specs
Demon Hunter

If you have strong situational awareness, know your class , and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, then we might be the place for you! Feel free to contact Dojawar (djcipher#1336), Charlie (Charlie#13641).

About us:
Meters over Everything started with a group of IRL friends looking to extend our group through WoW. We all are exceptionally good players that have always raided with the highest preparation possible. We look to help people, but also expect that you know your stuff and come prepared like anyone else. Just remember to have fun this is just a game and not a company or military academy. Attendance is very lenient, let us know you can’t or don’t wanna raid that night is no issue. It’s not a job it’s a game.

Current Guild progression with new roster began 2/8/19, currently have 1/9M 4/9H 6/9N, will start Heroic runs on 2/12. Most of us have at least cleared 3/9H with some having cleared all bosses on Heroic. We will be looking to clear this tier on heroic before next tier release. If this sounds like the type of environment you would like to be part of shoot us a message.

Hi Rolenti! If you are into the idea of a server transfer, I think we might be a good fit for you. Check us out and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with your search!

Evolved Gaming - Horde - Area 52

We are always looking for new members to come and join our age 18+, multi-gaming community!

We are currently building our raid team on the Horde side of things, and there’s room for you! We are getting through Normals (7/9), then working our way into Heroics. We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-10:30pm EST.

Not into raiding? No problem. We are doing mythic plus dungeons for people coming together as a guild. Questing, leveling, etc. etc.! For other information please check out the thread below.

Any questions, feel free to come find me on Discord - Nystera#3611.

Hi. You are more than welcome to join us. We are always doing high level keys. Our off night for heroic is Monday 8-11est. This is a non mandatory raid yo ucan come to, or not if you can’t. Our Mythic raids are Tu W 8-11, but it doesn’t sound like you have time to commit to that, which is just fine.

Raid Times:
Tues-Weds 8PM-11PM EST
Mon 8PM-11PM EST (Off night)

After achieving 5/8M Uldir, we have decided to push harder and try for CE in BoD. Looking for like minded players!

Current BoD Progress:

Uldir Progress:
8/8 N
8/8 H
5/8 M

Current Needs:
Holy Pally
MW monk

All exceptional players considered. We are always looking for friends to run content with.

Achieved 5/8M in Uldir raiding with a pretty static roster. We did not extend our 6 hour raid week and ran into attendance issues. For BoD, the officer core has decided to recruit and strive for CE in BoD.
We are active in M+ and gearing outside raid to push the raid team further.
This is a great team of people, with fair and intelligent leaders. Exceptional raiders who don’t have the time for hardcore raiding, but want to progress in challenging content are the right fit for us. We have a fairly active discord, and guild members involved in a variety of games. If you are interested, please contact any of the officers below:

Salte#11646 - GM

Recruitment Officer:
Battlenet Lucast#1127
Discord Lucast#0562

dubs#1265 - Officer
Cerelynde#1910 - Officer


It looks like you’ve got a lot of potential guilds, but I couldn’t pass you up. We’re searching for people that want to complete AOTC for each tier and maybe one day dabble in some mythic progression if we happen to get a full 20 man roster. We’re currently 9/9N and 4/9H, looking to start re-clearing heroic this Friday. I don’t want to bore you, if it sounds like you might be interested please read my forum post about times and requirements for raiders. <Fellowship> [H] 4/9H 9/9N BoD LF Healer/Melee DPS

If you want to talk feel free to reach out to me on:

Bnet: GrumpyGamer#11838
Discord: GrumpyGamer#8110

NightHawks Is a casual semi-hardcore raiding guild that is recruiting and accept all types of players. We are a fun tight nit group who is very active. Not a raider? We do mythic+, achievement/mount runs/mog, island expeditions, and much more!

Current Raid Times
9pm-12am EST:

We are currently recruiting for our Tues/Wend group.

Not a raider? We do mythic+, achievement/mount runs/mog, island expeditions, lvling and much more!

Hit up Btag Allymental#1368 or NightHawk#13132 or Discord allymental#1799 or Jediswag#9000

Hey Rolenti,

Our guild might be one to consider. Nexus of Uldaman is looking for adult players that want to raid in a relaxed and casual environment. We raid less then 6 hrs a week on Monday and Thursday 9-12 server (cst). Raid leadership comprises former top tier raiders. We clear all heroic content, and sometimes dabble in mythic. We also provide repairs, food and flasks.

Please btag me below if you want to discuss. Getting in on a raid with us is a great way to see if there is a fit.

Silvanuz - richtech13#1727