396 DK LF raiding guild. Down to tranfer or faction change

Very experienced raider. Ive been playing and raiding off and on for the last 18 years with many AOTC achives. I recently faction changed to horde on a server that is very dead on the horde side of things. I am current 8/8N and 4/8H but I know all the fights. Getting into a mythic raiding guild would be ideal.

My schedule is completely opposite from most raiding guilds days. I work nights on the weekend and my days off are Sun-Wed, so raiding any of those days off would be fine.

Message me @ banchax#1714

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If your willing to eventually transfer (we can just invite from the community in the short term, but for mythic you would need to) to Dalaran Reborn raids on Tue/Wed which fits into your schedule nicely. We always get our AOTC and barring attendance do some mythic. We support both a horde and an alliance guild until we eventually have X-faction guilds. If you want to read our big spiel its right here: [H] Calamitous Intent and [A] Reborn of Dalaran 8/8N 3/8H LFM Semi HC DPS/Heals

Otherwise reply or HMU if you have any questions :slight_smile:

what time wed?

7:30 EST to 10/10:30 EST (usually ends at 10 but sometimes momentum is good)
Edit: Tue/Wed are the same times

Hey there. Day Raiders is a morning raid that works for some people that work nights. We raid we’d/Thursday 8-11 AM EST. Our current progress is 8/8 N and 7/8 H. If you are interested message me.
BN Jolenar#11150
Discord Ryaden#5511

i am very interested in this

Hey Twistedterry, we raid Tues/Wed so we do meet your scheduling needs hopefully.

Fragment-Area52 is currently 2/8M 7/8H and looking for a couple skilled players interested in Mythic raiding. The ultimate goal of this SEMI-HARDCORE raiding guild is to steadily PROGRESS as far into each tier as possible while having FUN playing with each other.


We are looking for exceptional players that understand their class and are capable of following directions when told to do so. Gemmed and enchanted gear is an absolute must; applicants are first looked at through the armory so please log out in your PvE gear. With that being said, the current classes are in demand but all exceptional players are encouraged to apply:

Currently looking for:


Melee DPS
Unholy DK

Ranged DPS
Shadow w/ Disc OS

Disc Priest
Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman

Raid Times
Tues/Weds 8pm-11pm EST
Optional Sunday Alt Run 8pm-11pm EST


Race to World Last is a newly formed guild aimed at obtaining AoTC! We are looking for dedicated raiders with a similar mindset looking to have a good time while still taking down bosses! Our raid times are 8:30-11:00 pm CST (Sargeras, US)! We are currently ⅝ H but looking for more people to help fill out our team before continuing progression! Please pm me or message me on discord if you have any questions!

We had led a guild on Tichondrius before during BFA and SL where we pushed AoTC for BoD and CN respectively, but are trying to put a team together of successful raiders to push for progression in Vault of the Incarnates!

Message Ringo#6078 on Discord or reply to this message if you have any further questions!

what days do you guys raid?

Our raid days are Wednesday and Friday! Do not know why they were not sent in the message :frowning:

If interested, add us: :smiley:

Would love to talk
Tues/Wed 830-1130 eastern
Prior mythic guild currently 7/8H looking for few more core spots before entering mythic prog.

Mortiia#6352 on disc