393 Prevoker looking for heroic raiding guild

Hi guys, as the title says i have a 393 evoker im looking to raid with, VOTI is my first raid and ive pugged up through the first half of the raid on heroic,.however id like to raid with a bit more structure than pugs offer. Im free before 1pm est or after 12 am est. Right now the toon is on blackhand but im willing to transfer and/or play in a different timezone.

Hey there. Day Raiders is a morning raid guild on Illidan. We raid 8-11 AM EST Wednesday and Thursday. We are aotc and may start pushing a little Mythic soon. If interested message me.
Discord Ryaden#5511

Hello! If you’re still looking around I’d love the opportunity to chat! Take a look at our post and shoot me a discord message with your thoughts.


the more dragons the merrier; reach out to one of our officers!

Semi Retired is a raiding and m+ focused guild on Area 52 looking to build up our roster to push into mythic raiding for upcoming Patch 10.1! Our goal is to create an active, inclusive m+ community to strengthen our forces and teamwork so when Aberrus is open we go in ready to push hard.

We’re looking for more people like the people we have now: People who want to engage and do things together. People who are looking to be apart of the guild, not just use the guild to achieve their individual goals only. People should have goals and we want the guild to help people get them, but we also want people who will turn around and help others to achieve theirs.

The currect raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday 9-12 EST. M+ is run throughout the week and we do anywhere from baby keys for valor and alts to higher keys pushing to KSH.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, reach out to talk to one of our officers. Add us on:
Xrusader (Guild Master) - BNet: silver9172#11607 - Discord: Xarali#6374
Akeychi (Officer) - Bnet: Rusams#1495 - Discord: Akeychi#1141

Stop pugging and start chugging. Come on down and meet the boys we will get you caught up and ready for season 2 Omni#9776 on disc