392 Brewmaster Monk LF Raiding GUild

Just getting back into the game, Quit very very early on just doing keys and getting back into it looking for a relaxed guild that wants too raid or i can get into some hardcore raiding im fairly chill guy. also would be willing to go to Horde or Alliance and server transfer for a good fit

Hello, if you are interested, feel free to contact me. You can find our recruitment post in
looking forward to hearing from you!

Hey there Dumbler, ‘Blood and Tears’ is reforming in 8.2 with a casual mind set of having fun but pushing normal and heroic Palace. We are currently looking for a tank to join our ranks! Our raid times are 8-11pm (AEST) and we raid Wed/Fridays. We are on Frostmourne, Alliance. If youd like to have a chat add me on Rakruar#1507. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi there Dumbler,

It seems like we may be a good fit for you. We are currently looking to replace one of our tanks as he has real life commitments at the moment. Here is our recruitment post, have a look :slight_smile:

Hi Dumbler

[A - Saurfang] Cryptic: Active Raiding & PvP guild recruiting more members who are interested in Raiding, FUNgeons (Fun Dungeons for those that dont know), PvP etc.

Socials, casuals and levelers always welcome.

Raid nights are Mon & Wed. 7:30 - 10:30 PM ST.
Current Prog as of 23/6/19: 9/9H BoD, 2/2N 1/2H CoS
Recruiting specifically DPS and Tanks.

PvP Madness Saturday nights 8PM ST onwards.
- Includes: warmode adventures, premade random BGs, Rated BGs, and a lot of drinking

Mythic+'s and Arenas are run throughout the week.

Find us ingame via /who cryptic or msg me directly on Kaleiya.

Hope you have an awesome day!

Hi There Dumbler,
(A)<So Salty - Frostmourne> We are Mature Aus/Nz Based Community!

We looking for dedicated Tank with OS dps, Healers and DPS for 8.2! Raid Days/Times are: Thursday/Monday 7:30pm - 10pm ST

We are also recruiting for Our Classic WoW Team!

We also host Friday Night Social Night which open to all starts at 7:30pm St & Mythic +'s any day of the week :)! We also have Active Discord!! PM or add me on btag Darkkylz87#1634 or join our communities discord code: Qp7xa6R

Hey mate, if you’re still looking my guild Departed Rebels on Khaz/Dath Alliance are looking for a new tank :slight_smile: We’re a casual Heroic raiding guild who raid Mon/Wed 8:45-11pm AEST! We also have members who love M+ and PvP so whatever you’re into someone is always willing to tag along and help out. If you’re at all interested please add me on bnet and we can talk - Avelora#11417

Hey there!
Ataxyia on Barthilas (H) might be just what your looking for! raiding wed/thurs 7.30-10.30pm SVT we are currently on a lookout for a new tank to replace our MT who is going overseas at the end of AUG. We are a very active guild full of friendly/social people with a good sense of humor.
M+ on a daily basis, ‘drunk run’ raid on friday nights open for all, and some PVP fun on the side also!
Feel free to add me on BNET for a chat if this may be of interest to you :slight_smile: