391 Elemental Shaman LF Herioc raiding guild

I am looking for a guild to raid BOD Herioc progression.

Was a Cutting Edge raider in MOP.

Raid times Friday & Saturday late night starting around 8pm PST and on.

Looking for a chill group with ambition.

Hi Xeno,

What times are good/bad for you?

Ours Is The Fury on Turalyon raids fri/sat 8:30-11:00. AOTC-focused, no mythic raids, plenty of m+. I’d like to talk if the times work (probably a little early for late night).

bnet: pete#1889
discord: shagga#0931
guild spam:

We’re just getting into heroic. We raid fri/sat 11pm to 1am est. Its a laid back group of skilled former hardcore players that just dont want the commitment of CE raiding anymore. We focus on AOTC and higher M+ these days. I could really use a good ele shaman for both raids and M+. Add me if you want any info.

Bnet: burdman06#1963

Hello, we sound like we could be a good fit depending on your definition of “late night”

Here is a link to my spam with our officer’s btags reach out if it interests you! [H][Thrall] Casual Fri/Sat 9 pm - 12 am ET 4/9 H LF Ranged DPS + 1 Healer w/ offspec

Sup, I’m Lennymingus, your new raid leader / gm. Fat boys is a guild on mal’ganis with intentions of clearing all relevant content. Going for CE and all that jazz.

Our core consists of raiders who have played in top 10 guilds all throughout the expansions, and we’re just trying to game with each other again. Decided we’re sick of raiding with people who just don’t have the “it” factor, and are taking matters into our own hands.

Now don’t feel pressured, we’re all about fun at fat boys, but we will hold you to the expectation of you having a full functioning brain. Yes, females are more than welcome, anyone can be a fat boy.

On a more serious note, a lot of us have various realm first achievements / high rankings. Like I said, we’re a group of bros who just want to raid together, have fun while doing it and still be competitive.

We’ll expect you to play your best at all times, but if you have any questions feel free to ask, and please be able to accept constructive criticism.

Raid times / days: Tuesday / Weds / Thurs 9pm-12am EST.
Optional day: Monday 9pm-12am EST.
Heroic runs will be done on the weekends, also very optional!

Current Progression : 9/9H | 1/9M


At the moment, we are primarily recruiting DPS. Our core currently consists of the essentials (2 tanks, 4 healers) and a handful of dps.

Open for recruitment:

Melee DPS:

Rogue: Yes
Demon Hunter: Yes
Warrior: Yes
Windwalker: Yes
Deathknight: Yes
Ret Paladin: Yes

Ranged DPS:

Moonkin: Yes
Warlock: Yes
Hunter: Yes
Elemental Shaman: Yes (HUGE bonus if you can flex resto)
Mage: Yes
Shadow Priest: Yes


All healer spots available!

Of course, all classes will be considered. If you’re good, the fat boys would love to have you. We are looking for a minimum ilvl of 385 and neck level 33

If this all sounds saucy, hit me up on real ID and lets get it, become a fat boy today.