386 Rogue Looking for New Home

Got a heroic/mythic raiding guild? Got one that isn’t clique when it comes to running M+? Got members that like to do drunk 2s on occasion?

You do? Sounds great!

Preferred raid days/times Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 19:00-23:00
Either reply here or find me in game.

So, who am I?
I’m a early 30s single guy with no kids and a demanding career. I’ve been on Thrall for all eleven years of my playtime. I have a janky sense of humor as do most veterans. I am very laid back. Extremely 420 friendly. I’m tolerant and respectful of all walks of life. Unless those that seek to do me harm, they can kick rocks. Big ones.

Why am I leaving my guild that I have been with for seven years?
Just about every week I am given many reasons as to why I should leave. It could be that half our roster doesn’t show up for raid. It could be that we haven’t raided since the week before Christmas. It could be that I haven’t been invited to run M+ with anyone in my guild since September. It could be that it has devolved more and more every day to a place I prefer not to game in. It saddens me a lot to even write this post, but if I want to not have burn out again, it looks like I need a change.

Will your team be that change? I hope so.

Hey there,

Our guild is looking for a rogue to finish off our ranks. We are <Hellfire’s Fallen>.

Raid times are tues/wed 7:30-10:30pm EST.

We are a guild that formed halfway through last tier, made up of some very friendly raiders that just enjoy killing bosses and having a great time. We have several players pushing high keys in M+ and think you would be a great addition with us in them. We hope to achieve AOTC in the coming weeks, and starting our mythic BoD progression shortly.

If you’re interested, add me on bnet shadow#118969 or discord raffeys#8379

Below is the legit post to every recruit app. But seriously, I think this post was amazing and I’d like to get you into our guild!

We’re currently running two raid groups and have rebranded our raid teams in preparation for BoD! All experience levels are welcome! Both teams are designed to achieve Cutting Edge but at different paces. We also offer flex positions for qualified candidates that have busy schedules but still want to see end game content.

Group 1 – Blood Guard – Raids Tues/Wed/Sun from 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST.
Blood Guard is a raiding group that recently decided to go hardcore and add a day to its raid schedule. This group has been designed to push mythic raiding content at an accelerated rate to achieve top 10 server status.

Currently Looking For: Spriest, Mage, Lock, Boomie, Ele Sham, H Pal or H Priest
**All exceptional players will be considered

Group 2 – Stone Guard – Raids Tues/Thurs from 8:00pm to 10:00pm EST.
Stone Guard is a group focused on Mythic progression, eventually Cutting Edge, on a two-day raiding schedule. This will require more focus and discipline from the raider to push Cutting Edge.

Currently Looking For: Shadow Priest, Warlock, Boomie, Ele Sham,
**All exceptional players will be considered

The guild is very active in game and in discord! Members are daily, pushing keys, running lower difficulty raids, running alts, pushing PvP ratings, or just simply relaxing and talking. A lot of time you’ll find members relaxing in discord, listening to music, and having fun just enjoying the community we offer.

Thetom – Guild Recruiter – thebktom#1536
Doc - Healing Officer / Recruiter - QQless#11649
Lotte/Xianmisuto – Officer - Ragegasm#1732
Grumpy – Raid Assist/DPS Officer/HR Dept. – Grumpypantz#1679
Hulk / Veradunus - Guild Leader - Onslaught#12212

Easier to post this. But hit me up!

I really wish you could raid on Mondays! We have the kind of guild you’re looking for and we are always looking for more players to join us for mythic +! We do not have an attendance policy, so if there are just times where you can’t make Mondays, but can other days, maybe you’ll still consider us. We’re Premogaming and we are an AOTC focused guild, that also hopes to kill some Mythic bosses. We moved to Thrall horde side from Premonition on Windrunner alliance side a little before BFA. We are ex top 150 world guild but now are just a group of great players who enjoy raiding, mythic +, and PvP together. Check our post out if you happen to have interest. Best of luck to you in your search for a new home.

Hey there!

I understand this is a bit of a stretch as you have been on this server your whole career, but if you would consider a transfer for a core raid spot opportunity, go ahead and read further. If not, I appreciate you taking the time to read this much :slight_smile:

Our raids are 9-12pm EST on Zul’jin Horde Side and we are looking for a skilled Rogue for a Core spot in our Mythic team. We did 9/9N and 6/9H first week without or main healer. One more Heroic week then the plan is to push into mythic.

Guild/Server: Heck - Zul’jin Horde

Raid Days/Times : Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:00PM - 12AM EST Current Progression: 6/9H 9/9N (8/8M leadership)

Recruitment Contacts: @Sinnahti#6784 on Discord | Sinnahti#1932 on BNET

Requirements: Ability to perform on both your class and mechanically at a high level, able to take criticism, desire to improve, and most importantly a good attitude.

Needs: Healers ( MW Monk , Resto Druid or Resto Shaman ), RDPS ( Hunter , Ele Shaman, Warlock,Boomkin ), MDPS ( **WW Monk **, Warrior, or Rogue ).

All exceptional apps are considered, and also looking for solid dps with healer offspecs. Socials are welcome!