386 Brewmaster 7/8M LF 2-day Guild


Hello, my current guild’s raid team has decided to stop raiding as several people are un-subbing from the game. We achieved 7/8M and a 1% wipe on G’huun but unfortunately did not clear the tier. I am looking for a 2-day guild that takes raiding somewhat seriously and plans on achieving CE each tier. My logs are available on warcraftlogs (I can’t post links here unfortunately). I did achieve 11/11M CE in Antorus prior to BFA.

Please note my logs are from 8.0 - we did not stop extending our lockout once we reached G’huun. If necessary, I can provide logs for our wipes on G’huun as well.


Would you be willing to try for a 3day , 9hr total Tues/Wed/Thu 8-11est guild? We are 229 US


Hey friend! I don’t do much for guild spam, but would like to chat with you sometime! 8/8M, Tues & Thurs 7pm-10pm PST.

If interested, get @ me at:
Discord (preferred): DJ#7415
Btag: DJRay87#1487

Hope to hear from you!


Hi Ballerbrew!

Server: Tichondrius (Horde)
Raid Schedule: 7PM – 11PM PST, Friday/Saturday

< No Bads Allowed > is a progression orientated guild seeking dedicated members to round out our core roster and push into Cutting Edge for the next tier. Our guild is led by a current US 21/World 72 raider with plenty of experience and excellent raid leading capabilities.

Having previously been a US #64 guild, we are currently 5/8M and looking to rebuild as well as maintain success by smashing each new fight in Battle for Dazar’alor. We are looking for raiders who are consistent, have great attendance, a good attitude and are always prepared.

Previous Progression:
Trial of Valor: 2/3M
The Nighthold: 8/10M
Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9M
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11M

If you are interested, please send a message to one of the below, or fill out our application (don’t forget to remove the space after the h!):
h ttps://goo.gl/forms/OQ8VLleNSTkcubRM2

Guild Leader: Seepy#11342
Recruitment Happy Raider: Advil#11460


Thanks very much for considering me, and your guild looks great, however unfortunately my latency on Proudmoore is much higher than I am used to due to my east coast location.


Hi Ballerbrew! We’re in need of a Brew Tank, guilds name is IT BE LIKE THAT on Stormreaver, we’re 8/8m and raid Sat/Sun 7:30-11:30 est.

You can contact me at Kittea#11581, I hope to hear from you.


Still looking. Ideally I’d like to either stay alliance and server transfer, or stay on emerald dream and faction swap, but not both. Thanks for the responses


Hello. -Speakeasy- is a 7 hour weekend guild that has been raiding for over 2 years. If you’re on an early shift during the weekdays, have a family, have school, or don’t have a weekend life: this is the place for you.

We raid 2 nights a week.

Friday: 9:00pm - 12:30am EST
Saturday: 9:00pm - 12:30am EST

Contacts Btag & Discord: Ztop#1564

(Velasca) #9

Hi, Ballerbrew!

Our raid team is currently 5/8M and we’re recruiting to replace a few and push CE next tier. We fell a bit behind with some attendance and under-performers. I play BM monk (Velalar) and feel as though a double-brew will be a strong option for next tier. Sadly, I had to swap off my druid (Velasca) once I realized how challenging the content would be with it. Our second tank is a death knight, but it was his first raid tanking and I would like to look at some other options. We raid Fri/Sat 8-11 EST and I would love to chat with you. Our guild is well established and our Fri/Sat run is a separate entity within the guild (Rice Crispies). We push M+ during the week and have a great time doing it. I hope you could be a great addition to our team, both in talent and personality. Please reach out! Velasca#1991


still looking


Hey Ballerbrew,

My guild is looking to push CE each tier, to date we have struggled to find 20 people who want to do that each tier. We have a core group of about 15 who want to really make it happen and then a rotating cast to fill the other 5 spots. We are reaching out to players like yourself who also want to make that happen each tier. While we are not openly recruiting tanks we would shift one of our tanks back to DPS for the right tank. I think you should have a chat with one of our officers, I will drop our info below.

United We Loot [A] Stormrage recruiting a few more raiders!


We believe that raiding content can be achieved without the need for an environment where everyone is barking at one another. Because of this, we have a low tolerance for individuals with abrasive attitudes and personalities. We are looking for individuals who want the challenge of content and the enjoyment that comes with conquering that content with the people around them.

Battle of Dazar’alor is right around the corner and we’re looking for you to join us in our progression! We raid two days a week with a casual to semi-hardcore environment.

We are also looking for individuals who have a desire for Mythic+ dungeons.

Raid Times

Tuesday 9:00p -11:00p EST (Heroic/Normal)
Thursday 9:00p -11:00p EST (Mythic/Heroic)
Friday 9:00p -12:00a EST (Mythic/Heroic)


2/8M Uldir
8/8H Uldir

  • Tanks - Full
  • Healers - Open
  • Melee DPS - Open
  • Ranged DPS - Open

Other players are encouraged to inquire

Player expectations:
* We expect each raider to come prepared for raids.
* A basic understanding of fight mechanics.
* An ability to ask questions.
* Completion of weekly M+10.
* Enchants, Food,
* Flasks, Prepots.

All other skilled players are encouraged to contact us about joining.

Anyone interested in joining please contact one of our officers:

Deathfier @ Deathfire#1102
Summine @ summine#1882
xSyl @ syl#12907


can I join?