384 Havoc DH with Veng OS looking for a mythic prog guild


Spec: Havoc, Vengeance is a decent OS.
IO: 1289.

Timezone: Mountain time

Days Available: Wednesday, Friday-Monday. [Anytime after 6pm PST is good for

Mythic Experience: 9/11M Antorus, (didn’t main my DH in uldir) 3/8M Uldir.
Transfer: I am more then willing to transfer and I am open to going alliance.

My Goal: My objective is to get into a Core spot in a guild that runs on the days i stated above, Ill try my best to make progression efficient!

Logs: I didnt raid this tier for progression on my demon hunter most was done in pugs, i do have my heroic logs thought and i can link them when we chat.

Contact info: Deadleus#1834 or Mystogon#1566

I realize i posted earlier looking for a guild on my monk, but ive ended up using my monk a main for a guild on tuesdays and thursdays, and have opted to look for a progression guild on my demon hunter now

(Siearrow) #2

Recruitment Discord: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB is a great place to check for guilds (several realms and both factions!)

My CE guilds: https://goo.gl/87ncRt if you feel like checking out my rosters. Even if we aren’t recruiting your specific class, feel free to apply anyways.

Good luck on your search!

(Kaeriane) #3

Hi Mystically :sunglasses: !!

Will keep this short and simple! We are currently recruiting exceptional range and melee DPS to fill our roster! We are also recruiting DPS with a Healing OS. We are currently 5/8M with pulls on Zul! We raid every Tues/Thurs 9-12EST!

How to apply:

For the quickest response, please use our google form for quick reply! I don’t have a trust level of 100000 to post links… just remove the spaces in the URL.
https:// tinyurl. com /yd3nzkca

You can also add me on bnet: