383 Resto Druid looking for guild

(Racarra) #1

Hi im looking for a raid team that raid heroic or mythic.
I also have 368 Ele shammy and a 333 BM monk. I would like to stay on my realm and faction.
i do have logs contact me at BTag Racarra#11767 or discord racarra#3470


Bare Bones [A] 4/9H on Stormrage is a semi-hardcore 2-day weekend guild looking to push Heroic then Mythic content. We currently raid Heroic content Friday/Sunday from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM EST. We have a strong team looking to fill a couple gaps to optimize our core roster.

Whisper: WanabeNinja#1572 on bnet or WannaBeNinja#4300 on discord for more information regarding our guild and our recruiting process!

(Racarra) #3

i cant raid sundays sorry

(Siearadin) #4

Not sure if any of my guild’s schedules meet your needs or not but you’re welcome to look and see. :slight_smile:


[A][US][Sargeras] <Going in Blind> Currently, we are 7/9N and Achieved AOTC in Uldir

Raid Times: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST - Tues/Fri

Going in Blind is a dedicated semi-hardcore Alliance progression raiding guild located on US Sargeras. Our goal is to provide a stable, rage-free, progression oriented raiding environment with an emphasis on longevity. Additionally, our goal is to improve consistently throughout each and every raiding tier. Progression over everything is our mantra.
Currently Accepting all Inquiries.We offer stable raid progression, Guild Repairs, and guild M+ Runs.

Ranged: Balance, Hunter High Priority

Melee: Rogue, Paladin, DK High Priority

Healer: Monk, Shaman, Paladin, Priest High Priority


GM: TooTallJones#1276

Officer: Corrall#11384

(Racarra) #6

i would be interested however i cannot afford a server transfer so if you are willing to pay for it i am willing to join


add me on bnet Corrall#11384


Hi Racarra, If you decide that you can swap factions/server, let me know.

Guild: Stoic

Faction: Horde

Server: Zul’jin

Stoic is recruiting for Mythic+ and Heroic Raids. We are a community focused group of former “hardcore” raiders. We complete AOTC in raids. Currently 1/9 H Battle of Dazar’alor. We raid Fri and Sat 10PM – 1 AM EST server time. Looking for DPS with Heal off-spec roles to round out our raid team. Great community that likes to game together and hang out in Discord.

If you are interested add me on Bnet Willy890#1450.