378 iLvl [4/8M] Ret Paladin LF Raid Team

(Tillybuddy) #1
I am looking for a new raid team. Currently, although I was brought in with many promises, it seems as though my guild is not keeping the promises they made when I joined. A little bit about me:
Raided at a high level, with many CE/AOTC finishes in raids such as-
Firelands (6/7H) - Ret
Dragon Soul (8/8H) - Ret
HoF (4/6H) - Assassination
ToES (3/4H) - Assassination
ToT (11/13H) - Assassination
SOO (14/14M) - Assassination
HFC(13/13M) - Assassination
EN (7/7M) - Ret
TOV (2/3M) - Ret
NH(5/10M) - Ret
ABT(11/11M) - Ret
Uldir(4/8M)* - Ret

I have raided as a retribution paladin for approximately half my raiding career, with rogue being the rest of my career.

I am looking for a guild who is minimum 4/8M, but would prefer 5/8M as that is where I should be right now if the guild I am with had kept its promises.

I am punctual, come with extensive knowledge of my class and ways to utilize it creatively, and come prepared with my own materials. I am looking for a guild that raids between 2-3 nights a week, in the 630-1030 CST time slot (any time within that range is perfect). H/A is not so much relevant, but it may take a few days for me to get transfers completed back to Horde.

The guild I would be the best fit in would be comprised of semi-hardcore minded players desiring to push progression and finish CE for this raid tier. The guild would be made of adults who take progression seriously but also know how to cut up a little when called for.

Please leave your battletags in the comments below and I will be sure to get with you. For the purposes of keeping a spot until I find something and can let this guild know that I will be changing, I am posting this on my alt. I will be happy to give logs upon request for this reason.

Thank you!

(Tillybuddy) #2
still looking

(Salsastark) #3
Spiritus Mundi [Kilrogg-H] 4/8M 8/8H Is a semi-hardcore guild actively raiding mythic two nights a week.

Raid Times: Friday and Saturday 7PM-11PM PST, with Thursday serving as an optional night for Heroic/Normal Clears/alts or additional progression also at 7PM-11PM PST.

Mentality: This guild is ideal for dank memerinos and epic loot gained, a thick skin and good sense of humor is recommended.

All exceptional applications will be considered regardless of role.

Don't hesitate to apply! See below

Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cOa5RU2TaxGuvx1tGBEq2loeRSP8Nz9RgNjg38QrzOU/

Off Nights: Thursday after the first couple weeks becomes an optional heroic clear.

Mythic+ we expect to be cleared on a somewhat regular basis. Players should be focusing on clearing a 10 each week.

--- contacts ---
Elder#11836 (Recruitment) Elder#7286(Discord)
Rav#11203 (GM)
Scruffs#1659 (Officer)

(Velasca) #4


I’d be interested in chatting and taking a peak at your logs, if it looks like we may be a good fit :slight_smile:

[A] <Crisp> is currently 5/8M Uldir on US-Baelgun.

Officer: Velasca (Velasca#1991)

Recruitment: Jal (Boost#11870), Martinez#11583

Current Recruitment

We are currently in open recruitment for the next tier and accepting applications for all specs and classes . Outstanding applications are considered as we fill our roster for Battle for Dazar’alor.

Priority needs:

>Tank -> Potentially

>Ranged -> Ret/Heal Offspec, Mage

>Melee -> Rogue, Demon Hunter, Feral with Dps or Heal Offspec

The “Rice Crispies” raid Friday and Saturday 5:00-8:00 Pacific (Invites @ 4:45).

The main Crisp group is 8/8M. The intent is to be behind the main core group (seeing as they raid 4-5x/week), but to clear mythic content while relevant.

If interested, whisper Velasca#1991 (Discord: Velasca#4165) or Boost#1170 for more information. If you prefer, you may app at Crispguild. com under Rice Crispies. If accepted, there will be a two week trial period. Thanks for checking us out and I look forward to hearing from you!

(Frostybuff) #5

It sounds like you’d fit right in with us.

< Range Five > [H] Zul’jin - 4/8M, is looking for exceptional raiders to continue our Mythic Progression!

< Range Five > provides a great raid atmosphere that values performance and teamwork so that we can have steady progression towards Cutting Edge. We are laid back during farm and trash, but are serious for progression.

Raid times:

Friday 9PM -12PM EST
Saturday 9PM - 12PM EST

Recruitment Needs:
These are listed in order of priority from high to low.
Tank: In need of backup willing to play dps
Melee: Death Knight, Rogue, Monk, Paladin
Ranged. Mage, Druid, Priest
Healer: Shaman, Priest, Paladin

Regardless of whether or not your class is listed above we are always welcoming of exceptional players!

What we expect:

  • Reliability. We expect you to show up on time and be prepared for raid.
  • Commitment towards the guild and progression.
  • Understand that we want to down bosses and have fun doing it. There may be some friendly banter, but it is all good fun.

Contact Info:
Feel free to contact any of our officers below.

  • LonewolfmcQ#1468
  • Jekkle#1328
  • Cross#12398
  • Phobia#1707

(Ríoghnach) #6

Read through your post. We fit your times and your min (5/8M) so I’ll leave our data! We have zero paladins so really looking to add some !

<FinalForzaBros> is a reformed BFA alliance guild on Kel’thuzad consisting of members who have raided together from BC all the way through BFA, looking to make cutting edge on a two night schedule. FFB has members with past server first experience, looking to enjoy raiding on a lighter schedule, while still making strong progress through mythic content. In addition, FFB brings a number of strong mythic plus players, with Raider IO scores of 1000-1400+, encouraging members to complete their level ten key each week. We are a community with the desire to have fun, joke around, make a few memes and yet show up on-time, prepared and with mechanics known for raid.

FFB will look at any application, regardless of what is listed on our recruiting needs. The best will always be in for progression, regardless of status or rank with the guild, and farm boss line-ups are opened to those who need the gear.


Tuesday and Wednesday (6:30 – 9:30 Server Time, 8:30 – 11:30 EST)

Currently 5/8M

Guild Perks

  • Feasts and Cauldrons at Raid

  • Gambling!

  • Mythic Plus Keys

  • Active discord! Voice Channels used every day, memes, bots for wowhead and raidbots, and more.

Immediate Needs



Ablarg ( Btag: pwnedyou#1183// Discord: pwnedyou0720#3450)

Ríoghnach (Btag: prizma#11192 // Discord: Mint#3740)

Bannedblarg (Btag: Fatman#1884 // Discord: Fatman#8817)

BlargSwag (Btag: Caswagna#1613 // Discord: Tr4nsc3nd3nc3#5280)

Our Guild




(Whammy) #7

Hey Tillybuddy,

I think < Style > could be the guild for you.

< Style > is an Alliance raiding guild on Proudmoore. We’re a newer guild, with Uldir being our first tier as a Mythic team. We’re 8/8H and 3/8M Uldir, with many veteran raiders who have prior Mythic experience and Cutting Edge progression. Our progression isn’t representative of our core team’s skill level; a huge chunk of recruits simply quit the game during progression. Our core team is immensely solid, and we’re looking for more motivated and self-starting raiders who strive to put their abilities to the test. We’re aiming to achieve Cutting Edge as a guild during this expansion, hopefully this tier. Outside of raiding, we often do M+ keys and other assorted content, including things like island expeditions and achievement runs.

Raid Times:
6PM-9PM PST (9-12 EST)

Potential Raid Needs:

►Warlock (Any Spec)
►Mage (Any Spec)
►Shadow or Disc Priest
►Windwalker or Brewmaster Monk
►Demon Hunter (Any Spec)
►Blood Death Knight
►Restoration or Balance Druid
►Restoration Shaman

Requirements & Expectations:

►Your Heart of Azeroth must be at 36 or higher prior to the release of Dazar’alor.
Addons: Exorsus Raid Tools, WeakAuras, DBM/Bigwigs
►At least an 80% attendance for mandatory raids.
►Make sure you’re doing your weekly content (Complete your weekly chest, Islands, WQs etc)
►Prior raiding experience (preferably Mythic)
►Working mic/ability to call out important details in Discord
►Ability to listen to instructions/constructive criticism

Bnet contact: Whammy#11753