377 DH/371 BM Hunter looking for morning hardcore raid guild

Hi all

377 DH/371 BM Hunter looking for EST morning semi-hardcore raid guild from the following servers Deathwing, Executus, Kalecgos.

Preferable raid time: 9am to 3pm EST.

still looking

shattered hall server too

Still looking ~~

Still looking for guild does AM raid

Still looking for Guild doing raid in the morning EST

still looking.

appreciate if anyone could help.

still looking, anyone?

We aren’t on those servers, but we are a daytime guild that is looking for some quality dps!

Redline is a Mythic Guild on Thrall-US server. Current Progression; 6/8M Uldir. We are looking for players willing to commit 8 hours out of their week to raid in the daytime slot, and more time out of raid to study raids and your role in the raids.

The Mindset

We are a group of adults who like to band together to down internet dragons while also having some fun. We realize it’s a game but we also like to take our time seriously as we defend Azeroth.

Raid Times - Daytime guild that raids Wed/Thurs - 12 to 4 pm EST.

Any further questions feel free to add our recruitment officer on Battle net or for discord info!: Kinjax#1929 or Discord Kinjax#0725
Redline discord: discord.gg/5aTCz8T

still looking.

Still looking for a daytime alliance raid guild


My guild Velocity is a daytime raiding guild. We’re 7/8M, Alliance on Sargeras, and focused on achieving CE for BoD and beyond!

Raid times: 10am-1pm CST, Tues/Wed/Thurs
Visit our recruitment post for more info and to apply.
[A] Velocity 8/9M -- MYTHIC Morning/Daytime Guild ⚡

Feel free to add me, too. :grinning:
BNET – Peach#1423
Discord – Starby#8682