376 Resto druid LFGuild


Please read through. It’s not long and I ignore obvious spam posters.

-No alliance. Cannot afford it.
-High pop server with more horde then alliance.
-Adult Raiders.
-Would love help transferring.
-2/3 day raid group. Raids end at 9:30pm EST at the latest.

-I like outside of raid content. M+, Meta achievement runs.
-Social on off nights as well as raid days.
-No ragers/screamers/drama.

  • Four week trials are not okay.

I roll Resto(376) druid, or Fire(375) mage at this point. Been a high end raider for almost all my WoW play years.
Please add Xeasadeyo#1716 and we can chat there.

I am not interested at all in newly formed guilds, reforming guilds, or guilds trying to put 5+ Raiders back on their roster. I hate bench life. If you team did NOT get at least 6/8 last teir I don’t believe it will be a good fit.