375 Guardian druid

(Mé) #1

My guild has stopped playing the game so I am looking for a new guild. I would like to raid Fri/Sat raids ending around 10pm EST. my focus would be doing a M+ for max level gear weekly and getting AOTC for every raid, then playing around in mythic.

I have spent a lot time in guilds that don’t raid / using dungeon finder to pug AOTC and get my M+ done for the week. looking forward to finding a good group of like minded people to run with.

I am currently on Icecrown, but i am willing to realm transfer to a good home.

thanks for your time!


(Siearapewpew) #2

If your schedule changes I can probably consider a tank. Otherwise check out the recruiting discord. :slight_smile:

(Mé) #3

I’ll keep it in mind, thanks for the info!