375 disc or shadow lfrt

Hello! I am currently looking for a mythic raid team. My current progress is 2/8 mythic with experience on zek. I have been raiding since firelands in some capacity. Throughout legion I was able able to get mythic kills in the tier.

I am looking for a team with a steady roster and progression oriented mindset. I don’t mind switching to horde either. I would like to keep a 2 night raid schedule. I would also like to be no later than 12 eastern, preferably Monday-Thursdays.

I love to play the game and go through progression. My attendance will be near perfect.

I also can link logs as well.

Please contact me on discord jymbo#3780.
That would be quickest responses.

Thank you!

Hi there Jymz, not sure if you are still looking for a guild and we aren’t currently in mythic but wanting to bolster our numbers for the upcoming tier. Check us out and feel free to message me if you have any questions on Moonpie#1732

Hi :slight_smile: In Frostmourne Hungers 5/8M we’re looking for a Priest Healer!

I’m online almost all day so it will be easy to contact me :slight_smile:

Here’s info about my guild. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9PM - 12AM EST.