373 Dps Warrior LF guild

So to be blunt I’m a returning player who decided to take a break after the hype of the new expansion kind of wore off and didn’t really enjoy how WoW played. But I’ve really been enjoying doing M+ again. But now that im back like many other guilds my previous one has fallen apart. So what I’m looking for is a decent guild who at least delves into mythic each tier(first 3 or 4 bosses) Havent really done much this expansion raiding wise but id consider myself a decent player who gets along with others well and pulls my own weight. Pretty open to all nights but would prefer a 2 nights a week guild and around 7-10 pm CST(if its a fit times can be adjusted)

So if you think I would be a good fit to your team my B-tag is Fate#1668. Looking forward to hearing from ya :slight_smile:

Hi Fate! We are looking to add more to the roster for Dazar’alor and we may have what you’re looking for! Please check us out and if you have interest reach out on bnet at Moonpie#1732 in game on Ayrîelle or Zhîî. Best of luck to you!

Added you! Looking forward to hearing back from you