372 Guardian Druid LF Raiding Guild!


Hi there thanks for checking this out! i sadly am not even 8/8h due to crappy groups and bears not given a chance for a raid guild :frowning: although first tier was rough for me, i am mythic experienced from later tiers. add TeriTheTank#1166 if you would like to ask any questions!


Hey Gordash!

We are a relatively casual heroic raiding guild and are very interested in progressing through Normal and Heroic Battle for Dazar’alor. If you are looking for a relaxed group of teammates, but still hungry for a challenge, our guild might be the right fit for you. You would be able to play guardian druid!

Guild: Hang and Bang

Faction: Horde

Server: StormreaverUS

Raid Times: Wednesday 8pm-11pm CST and Sunday 3pm-6pm CST

Current Progression: 8/8H (AOTC)

Recruitment Contacts: Bnet: RaveMan#1287, Discord: Rave#5986