371 Blood DK looking for new home Horde Preferred


Looking to push M+ keys(love daily runs) and would like to raid on weekends. My current guild is just not active, and the ones that do play are just not interested in going any higher then a M+3. And as for raiding in my current guild…Yeah… that’s not gonna happen! Because of all the above, I have yet to experience any Uldir content, outside of LFR.

I’m tired of trying to PUG my higher keystones just to fail. We all know what the state of PUG groups are these days, unfortunately. I would like to experience the raid content the game has to offer as well, you know, other then the cancerous looking for raid. We all know that crap is not raiding. And IMHO its destroying the game…but that’s a discussion for another time and place.

Anyone that is interested in adding an up and coming blood DK to your guild roster? Let me know!


Kohvar - Ner’Zhul

Horde on Malganis add me lets chat. Morpheus#1478

Check us out! We are on Thrall, we don’t raid on weekends but we want more that would like to do daily mythic + runs. We are currently running +12s or higher, when possible.

[Keyrizma] is now recruiting for Mythic + teams as well as raid tier as we head into the new season. We are looking to increase in size as we are a newly formed guild. We are looking to push multiple teams for M+ and increase in ranking. Must use discord. We are an adult guild with many years’ experience. We are looking to maintain a low-stress, casual but capable guild environment for mythic+ and Heroic raiding.

Come Join Us!

Raiding: Tues-Thurs. @ 8:30 - 10:30 est
Mythic +: Weeknights

Tanks: Any (Raid Tanks Filled)
Healers: HPally, Priest, Shaman
DPS: All Needed

Server: Thrall

Please contact an officer (Discord: Janadora#8453, Lowpex#5336)

we raid during the week, but we are always in need of tanks for mythic+ daily. many of our members play other games. You could tentatively be a good fit for our community.

if this is of interest, please do not hesitate to reach out

  • luna#14515