370 Warrior/Ret Pally LF Daytime Raiding Guild!


Currently working nights and was really wanting to raid this next tier. Because of my messed up work schedule I couldn’t continue raiding with my previous guild from legion. That being said I have my AoTC but no mythic bosses killed in uldir. Legion was my 1st expansion I raided any Mythic. I managed to kill a few bosses finishing 4/11 in the last tier. So my ideal times would be any day of the week 11 am CST till whenever. So yea that/s all i got! ill be checking this post regularly. Hoping to hear from you soon :slight_smile:


New Lunar Republic - 7/8 Mythic - somewhat spam, but not entirely. No point in typing the same exact thing over, and over. You mentioned 11 CST until whenever… does that mean you can start later than that? :wink:

We are looking for a DPS for our Mythic raid team. We raid Tues/Wed/Sun 7-10 EST. Our guild has been together for nearly 10 years now, and as such we’re a stable guild that values our community just as much as progression. We’re looking for raiders who want to be a part of something long term, and raid with us for the tiers to come. If you’re interested, or have any questions, you can add Aerro#1143, Eberebus#1606, or Azazel#11178 on Bnet.

As someone who had been looking for a guild that isn’t “toxic”, enjoys playing together both in-game, and out of game, and values the community aspect of the guild more than not - New Lunar Republic has been my home since finding it.

Let them know Malemage sent ya. Let’s get this bread

P.S. We don’t do applications.


Come check us out! We would love a ret pally if you can get your gear up a little! New raid is coming though :stuck_out_tongue:

Redline is a Mythic Guild on Thrall-US server. Current Progression; 6/8M Uldir. We are looking for players willing to commit 8 hours out of their week to raid in the daytime slot, and more time out of raid to study raids and your role in the raids.

The Mindset

We are a group of adults who like to band together to down internet dragons while also having some fun. We realize it’s a game but we also like to take our time seriously as we defend Azeroth.

Raid Times - Daytime guild that raids Wed/Thurs - 12 to 4 pm EST.