370 Warlock Back From Break LF Raiding Guild

Hello all,

I started raiding on release and due to some rl stuff had to take a long break from WoW after week 2 of Uldir. I am a very solid player and have been playing warlock since the start of Wrath. I always come prepared to raids and am a drama free player. You can expect consistency and communication from me.

I am looking for a guild to push 8.1 content with that raids 2-3 days per night. Preferably I’d rather not raid 3 nights in a row but that isn’t a deal breaker at all. I am available to raid from 9pm-2am EST. (I am on the west coast). Please drop your btag below and I will reach out to you!

Thank you!

Hey there! The Late Shift is a late night raiding guild and we would love to have another competent warlock on our roster. Our raid times are Wed/Thurs 12-3am EST. Here is a link to our recruitment post for more information:

Feel free to add me on Bnet or Discord if you would like to speak more. Thanks!


Hard Pass is currently looking for RDPS and we’d love to have you for a chat to see if you’re the right fit for the guild

Please feel free to contact any of us in the link!

Welcome back!

Hello Kleanshirt,

We would love to have you join our team! We’re looking for DPS and healers especially for next raid tier! We’re a pretty laid back group that plays other games outside of WoW. We pride ourselves in a community that likes to have fun, but take ourselves seriously during raid.

Our guild information is located at the link below!

[A] <Mechanically Challenged> 3/8M LF RDPS/HEALS

If you are interested contact us at:
Battletag: Yuneel#11582, Kalivar#1575, or Unicornz#1860
Discord: Yuneel#3181, Kalivar#5603, or Unicornz20#3047


<Mechanically Challenged>
Progression: 8/8H 3/8M Vectis 16%
Times: Tuesdays and Friday 9pm-12am

If you can start early at 830pm est add me Haz#11909 would like to chat

GSGaming was a new guild formed for 8.0 aimed at starting a family friendly raiding environment. We’re pushing through heroic and looking to add a few more as we head into Battle for Dazor’alor. Would love to have some new people to round out our team. We aim to hit AOTC.

Send a message to:

We are a fairly new Alliance guild originally starting on Horde. We aim to bring a positive, family friendly atmosphere still focused on game progression through raids, mythic plus, and even casual events such as leveling, pvp, etc. We push for positivity and community building with guild chat you don’t even mind your children reading! Some older members even have children that casually play.

Either reply here, or send a note to the officers below.


Good Evening!

S W A R M is an 21+ alliance guild recruiting talented, competent, and exceptional players for the next tier!

FACTION: Alliance
SERVER: Stormrage - US
RAID TIME: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12AM - 3AM EST


We don’t care if you’re sitting on 389 ilevel if you can’t perform mechanics and only learned your class through a YouTube video or IcyVeins guide.
The WoW community is full of far too many people who just want to hit a boss and collect loot.
We are a group of ne’er-do-wells and goofballs who play for fun and progression.
That being said, we are looking for players based, not only on skill and progression, but personality.


<Sanguine Morte> [Alliance Stormrage] is looking for raiders prepared for heroic clears and Mythic Progression on a light schedule. As a guild we are laid back, but we expect all raiders to come to raid prepared to put in the work to down bosses. ( Also always a group or two of Mythic + running and looking for more)

Official guild raid nights are as follows:
Tue: 8:30-11:30 Eastern
Thurs: 8:30-11:30 Eastern
Sun: 8:30-11:30 Eastern (optional progression night, normally alt runs/gearing runs from previous tier)

Recruitment needs:
While we are specifically looking for ranged dps; anyone is encouraged to talk to an officer.

What we provide:

As a guild Sanguine Morte provide a few things:
A: Guild repairs: while not unlimited these will cover most of the cost of running in our raids.
B: Potions/Flasks: We will provide you with the necessary potions and flasks for our raid nights, however, if you wish to provide your own that’s fine.
C: Food: We will provide 300 stat foods for our raids, however, it is encouraged for raiders to buy/craft the appropriate 375 stat food particularly for progression.
D: Enchants: As a guild we have acquired and continue to acquire the mats for enchants and have enchanters in our raids to provide the best possible enchants for your newly dropped shiny gear!
E: Positive Atmosphere: We understand things happen in raids, people do occasionally stand in stupid/lag/tunnel/zone/etc. If a raid officer approaches you about these things privately that is your chance to fix them, if you are called out mid fight pay attention to what’s going on and change what you’re doing or you will be sat for the night.

What we expect from you the prospective raider:
A: Be consistent: If you show up once or twice then disappear do not expect a regular raid spot.
B: Have a general, growing, and up to date knowledge of your class and chosen spec/specs.
C: Be open to suggestion and willing to provide input if it is asked for.
D: Have the Discord voice application downloaded and an account created for voice chat.*

Final thoughts:
Thanks for reading this recruitment post! If you’re reading this we assume you are interested in raiding with us or at least inquiring. Please send an in-game mail/Battle.tag request to Sparkale (Gums#1461), Tussinwulf(renegade403#1951), or Orgin (stik#1632), for more information.

I’m not the GM or an officer in my guild but we are actively looking for DPS, especially Warlocks going into the next tier. Your raid times also seem to line up with ours. If you are interested check out the recruit post by our GM. [A] United We Loot - Stormrage Thu/Fri 4/10M - #4 by Summine-stormrage

Hi there, Pirate Chat has an immediate opening for another ranged dps! Add me so we can chat more. In the meantime, here is our info:

Pirate Chat is a 4/8 mythic guild on Stormrage that is currently building a strong roster for next tier. The goal of this guild is to make a semi-hardcore group of dedicated raiders looking to get progression done while maintaining a light hearted atmosphere.

Ranged Dps

Optional Alt/Heroic day- Monday 10PM-1AM EST

Our guild consists of older college students and working adults. We have an active discord community and are often running mythic keys or playing other games together.
If you are looking for a solid and active raiding guild with a mind set of having a good time and killing as many bosses as possible each tier in BFA, then add any of us on bnet and let’s chat!

Battle net ID:
Avalyne#1478 (Recruitment Officer, aka me)
Nyteblayde69#1643 (GM)
Trogdor#1234 (Dps officer)
Sloas71#1721 (Healing officer)

Guild: Epic Holdings Inc
Faction: Alliance
Server: Stormrage US
Raid Times: Sunday and Monday, 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST

Current Progression: 2/8 Mythic, 8/8 Heroic

Currently Recruiting:
Warlock - HIGH
Rogue - HIGH*
Balance Druid - HIGH
Paladin Ret - Medium
DPS Warrior - Medium
DPS + Resto Shaman - Medium
MW Monk - Medium
WW Monk - Low
Death Knight DPS - Low
Mage - Low
Hunter - Low
Shadow Priest DPS OS - Low

Looking for players who can maintain a 95% attendance raid, always come prepared and researched on the content and always strive to improve. All exceptional players and classes are encouraged to apply even if we are not looking for your class.

Recruitment Contact: Yurij#1834

Requirements: 375 Item Level, 75%+ parses on Warcraft Logs.

About Us: We are a long-term tight knit guild who has been raiding since WoTLK. Most of our members have been with us for multiple expansions. We are currently looking to bolster our roster for Mythic Progression for this tier and future tiers. We are highly active with people on at all hours doing various things from Alt Runs, Mythic+ Dungeons and many other things.