365 Resto Druid & 365 Mage [H] LF Casual Late Night guild


My friend and I (365 Resto Druid 365 Mage) are looking for a casual, laid-back, late-night guild to join.

Things we are looking for:

-Active guild where members regularly participate in all types of content with other guild members. This includes Raiding, Mythic+ dungeons, Timewalking content, PvP, Island Expeditions, World Quests, and more.

-Voice Chat (Discord, Vent, Mumble, etc)

-Raids that start at 9PM Pacific time or later (any day).

-Relaxed and enjoyable raiding atmosphere where hardcore progression is NOT the focus; alcohol sometimes involved.

About us:

We have both played the game since Vanilla. We have spent this expansion so far mostly by ourselves in the abandoned shell of a small guild that we ran during a past expansion. The gear we have as of now has mostly come from Mythic+ 5-man dungeons and world content. We don’t have much raiding experience in this expansion yet and the few times we have raided has mostly been with pugs. We want to get into a guild where we can start raiding on a regular basis again, as well as be able to do Mythic+ 5-mans with guildmates instead of pugs. Although we are not hardcore in terms of our progression, we are both experienced at, and good at playing our class. We are online pretty much every single day, love to play this game, and love to make new friends while doing it.