36/38 Specs in the game get access to an interrupt

Why has silence been removed? Guess which two specs don’t have any form of interrupt.

…Trying times.

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it is because too many specs have interrupt. it won’t feel special anymore if everyone else has it.
(sarcasm fyi)


Yeah it’s tough. At least you guys finally got a stun back.

If we wanna be fair here:

Really all that would be changing is healer interrupts and warlock in DF. Otherwise, all specs had them already (and warlock had them through a pet).

So really it’s 5/7 that have them.

Then we consider that for Resto druid to get an interrupt, they need to invest 7 useless points and be swapped into cat/bear to even use it. So it’s not exactly reliable. If priests got an interrupt in their tree that required 7 useless points I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t consider it an OK trade.

That leaves 4/7 that have easy access to interrupts.

It’s still a lot, keep in mind. But interrupts on healers isn’t going to make or break the class in any way. And if I were to bet, most healers won’t even be expected to take interrupts into their dungeon groups anyway, so they can just free up those points. I’d WAY rather have a stun or shining force back as a choice vs void tendrils (or just uncapped void tendrils for PvE).

Interrupts are like the least of my concerns from that blue post, personally. The buttons they want to remove are far more worth being mad about.


From a different perspective, as a mage…I’d rather my healer have an interrupt to cover my spot in the kick rotation and hold mine for an emergency so I don’t need to interrupt my casts to kick.

We have a fear, mind control, chastise, not sure what all we’re getting, but we’re not totally useless. I guess for bosses it does suck not having an interrupt, but Priest is used to that.

Fear? Oh too bad the one mob you wanted to interrupt is immune/5 other mobs got feared instead.

Mind control? All I can do is laugh.

Chastise? Mob is immune to stuns, better luck next time.

Stop trying to justify bad design with “it’s always been like this”.


A 45s interrupt isn’t going to change anything either.

Is it going to push your IO score up 500 points? No. People invite groups based on IO score > class. If healers interrupts were so valuable than Resto Shamans would be like 90% of the healers in keys and PvP.


Yes, in a world where most healers do not bring an interrupt it is not as highly valued, but we aren’t talking about current keys.

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How about losing a life-saving heal due to having to interrupt a cast that could get far worse because healers are in the kick rotation now?

This one goes both ways. I think it was OK to not have healers have to be part of the kick rotation in the first place, and I doubt most healers are going to WANT to take it as much as they’re going to in order to not rely on their pug.

The only ‘bad design’ I can even really think of here if EVERY healer was to lose their interrupt is solo content where interrupts are important. But they tune these so low the majority of the time that it’s never mattered.

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I doubt that. In Legion and BfA my focus was on holy priest and resto druid, mostly. I swapped to shaman for this expansion and having a kick and some control over the fate of the party took the weight of the world off my shoulders. I knew there were important casts, and I knew there will always be DPS too hyperfocused to do anything else. Being able to cover for their mistakes has been an absolute relief.

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I’m not saying that.

What I’m saying is that at a +5 to +15ish, yeah it’s nice to have shear on my shaman to interrupt important casts because I can’t rely on my group to. But I don’t WANT to shear. If my DPS did it instead, I’d have more time to do other things.

Once I’m doing +23-25ish keys there’s plenty of moments where my tank’s going to die if I’m not focus healing him or I don’t give him an external right now, but there’s also a cast going off. If I’m expected to be part of the interrupt rotation the tank will just die. And even playing my shaman at the +20 level or so, nobody EXPECTS you to kick. Rather, you do it because you see other kicks are down and something fatal is coming - a very rare thing to happen once your group members are in that io range too.

I would absolutely sac the point to get something better once I was to +20 or if I knew my group at all. And even if I AM pugging, it’s unlikely that my interrupt is the lynch pin that saves us - after the entirety of shadowlands the number of times that has ever actually been true and an interrupt would have saved us in my M+ groups is probably less than 10.

What I find feels good on shaman, FAR MORE than interrupt - is good use of incap, good use of tremor totem, good use of earthbind, etc.

Note, for clarity, normally I climb to ~+22 or so each season before I call it quits on each healer. So my perspective could be a bit warped, here.

Priest does need some utility, and shining force should never have been removed. But dying on a hill over an interrupt is crazy behavior to me. :person_shrugging:


I’ll take shining force over an interrupt 10 000 times over.

For pvp I agree that it’s going to feel bad to be the only healer to not have a kick though. But it’s kind of the same thing than m+ in the sense that you have so many things to keep track of as the healer in arena… having an interrupt isn’t giving you an extra gcd that you can spend to use it. Let me keep mindgames to soak an incoming nuke or heal and sw:death to damage myself to get out of polymorph though. That’s some decent control over the battlefield that’s unique to my class.

I only played a bit of arena in s1 and s3 this time around and didn’t get to see many shamans. Not that it means much at the lvl of pvp I play, but if it was this strong for the healer to have an interrupt we would have been outclassed by shaman, which hasn’t been the case most expansion…

I understand that silence is super strong. And I’m on the team that would like to have the choice as well. But having an interrupt is the least of my worries compared to the rest of the things they want to ‘remove’ as well. Be it pvp or pve-wise…


Right after you stop pretending that because some mobs can’t be stunned or feared all of a sudden those abilities are useless. Especially since you conveniently left out


Exaggeration and image manipulation won’t win you this argument.

Every single boss in the game is immune to stun and fear. Mechanical and undead enemies are immune to fear. Many larger mobs commonly found throughout dungeons are immune to stuns.

Never said they were useless, but they aren’t a replacement for an interrupt that can be used in any scenario where you need to interrupt a cast. An interrupt is a 100% reliable stop to a spell, the rest of these are not.

Hmm I did leave out silence. Now why would I have done that? Perhaps I just forgot, it’s so hard to keep all this utility straight. Or maybe, it’s because this thread is literally about the 2 specs who don’t have access to an interrupt I.E. silence.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but holy and disc can’t get silence. Which is exactly the issue. Which is why this thread exists.

Try harder. The ignorance of your post is unbecoming.

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Apparently that part of my comment sailed over your head. It went with the comment i quoted and modified. Maybe reread and we can talk again when you catch up.

You should try actually addressing any of my points.

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You two are talking around each other. Mobs immune to stun/fear are also immune to silence. Thus, moving silence to the tree wouldn’t actually work as an interrupt against these mobs. It would need to be an actual interrupt given to the priest class as a whole.

But Interrupts are still a weird hill to die on. It’s certainly strange that they would give access to interrupt to a bunch of healers but not Holy/Disc specifically - and their reasoning is pretty faulty - that’s a problem. But it won’t make or break the class either way.


I did. If you’re still confused that’s pretty much a reading comp issue

Silence is an interrupt.

Silences the target, preventing them from casting spells for 4 sec. Against non-players, also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec.

Mobs that are immune to silence can still be interrupted by it. If that’s their point, or yours, it’s just wrong.

Being at a disadvantage to every other healer spec is a bad thing. It’s the absolute bare minimum that priest healers get an interrupt to be on par with literally every other spec in the game in this capacity.

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