357 Holy/Disc Priest LF Heroic Guild [A]

Hey there!

My name is Pete and I’m an experienced healer looking for a guild that needs a healer for heroic raiding and Mythic + content. I’ve been playing WoW since Burning Crusade off and on, as well as raiding in other MMO games, but my raiding experience mainly started in Legion. For most of Legion, I led a heroic raiding guild and really enjoyed the experience; leading a guild taught me a lot about the discipline, social skills, and knowledge required to run a smooth raiding group that accomplishes its goals.

In BFA, I left my guild seeking a group that was more aligned with Mythic raiding as I wanted to challenge myself more. I found such a group and partied with them during Uldir and I really enjoyed my experience. While Mythic raiding was definitely challenging and rewarding, I learned that Heroic is a better fit for what I’m looking to get from the game (wiping on a boss 50+ times can be mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting and while it feels good when you finally get your kill, it’s just not for me). For me, the ideal guild would be one that is tight knit, is social and inclusive, has fun, and is laid back, though takes the raid time seriously and still gives a solid effort during raiding sessions.

So that’s pretty much me; I’m looking for a new group to join up with that’s focused on AotC with maybe light-hearted experiments into the beginning of Mythic, as well as Mythic + keystone pushing. I can heal on any class and spec, though I prefer my Priest. I’d also be interested in potentially tanking if that’s needed, though I am not actively seeking a tanking role. Schedule-wise, I’m East coast and looking to raid up to 2 days a week, Mon-Thurs, any time between 7PM to 11PM. I am currently on Stormrage and would prefer to stay on the server, however I would entertain a server transfer for the right fit. Currently Alliance and would prefer to stay Alliance.


I am sending you a friend request on bnet (Worfia#1721). I think House of Arthur on Argent Dawn may be exactly what you are looking for. We are mainly a heroic raiding guild tho we do a few early mythic bosses after we have heroic on farm, if we have 20 core raiders. We get AotC every tier. We are an established guild active continuously since Day 1 of WoW.

We are an East Coast server, raid times Tues-Thurs 7-11 EST.

Would love to chat more with you one on one.

Eternal Kingdom of Proudmore US and Area52 US is a multi team raiding community. Team Omen (horde-area52) FRI/SAT 830-1130EST is LFM!

Add me Feyranna#1657 if you want to chat more :slight_smile:

Hey Ennethiel,

Just a little info on us below. We’re currently seeking a tank, 2 heals and dps to complete the raid team for BoD Raid coming up.

Guild: No Pressure
Server: Whisperwind/Dentarg
Faction: Alliance
Raid TImes: Tues & Thurs 7pm - 9:30/10pm EST
Raid Focus: Heroic Farming with a little Mythic content if we get bored.
Raid Team: Transfer not required. Members of team are both Guild & Community.
(Our Guild logs are on Raiderio as well as WarcraftLogscom. 8|8N, 8|8H, 1|8M)

A little about our Guild:
We all made the current decision you did - we’ve raided Mythic, feels great for kills - but we enjoy the satisfyingly enough challenge of Heroic, and the super chill good times we have once we are on a farming schedule. It makes having alts great too.

Once we enter that level of Heroic’s feeling like OP’d LFR runs… we actually do drunk raid nights too (though drunkardness is not required… we’ll let you run sober, tipsy, or somewhere in the midst…) :beers:

If you’d like :point_down: more info.
Bnet: KassiG#1130

Hey there Ennethiel!

We’re a guild that is reforming for a push into the next tier, mainly focusing on heroic, then pushing mythic if we want to.

Please come check us out at our discord, we’re on stormrage too! We’d love to talk to you, or add my bnet for a chat


Hey Pete,

We would love to have you join our team! We’re looking for DPS and a couple of healers in preperation for BODA! We pride ourselves in a community that likes to have fun, but take ourselves seriously during raid.

Our guild information is located at the link below!
[A] < Pigeon > - Sargeras

If you are interested please contact us at:

BNET - Blake#13949
BNET - Stormfyre#1208
DISCORD - discord.gg / SUxhfVs


Progression: 8/8N, 8/8H, 1/8M Times: Tuesday & Wednesday 7:00-10:00pm CST


Add my battletag BJensen28#1130 would love to talk to you about joining us

Hey Pete,

I think < Style > could be the guild for you.

< Style > is an Alliance raiding guild on Proudmoore. We’re a newer guild, with Uldir being our first tier as a Mythic team. We’re 8/8H and 3/8M Uldir, with many veteran raiders who have prior Mythic experience and Cutting Edge progression. Our progression isn’t representative of our core team’s skill level; a huge chunk of recruits simply quit the game during progression. Our core team is immensely solid, and we’re looking for more motivated and self-starting raiders who strive to put their abilities to the test. We’re aiming to achieve Cutting Edge as a guild during this expansion, hopefully this tier. Outside of raiding, we often do M+ keys and other assorted content, including things like island expeditions and achievement runs.

Raid Times:
6PM-9PM PST (9-12 EST)

Potential Raid Needs:

►Warlock (Any Spec)
►Mage (Any Spec)
►Shadow or Disc Priest
►Windwalker or Brewmaster Monk
►Demon Hunter (Any Spec)
►Blood Death Knight
►Restoration or Balance Druid
►Restoration Shaman

Requirements & Expectations:

►Your Heart of Azeroth must be at 36 or higher prior to the release of Dazar’alor.
Addons: Exorsus Raid Tools, WeakAuras, DBM/Bigwigs
►At least an 80% attendance for mandatory raids.
►Make sure you’re doing your weekly content (Complete your weekly chest, Islands, WQs etc)
►Prior raiding experience (preferably Mythic)
►Working mic/ability to call out important details in Discord
►Ability to listen to instructions/constructive criticism

Bnet contact: Whammy#11753