344 Druid lf active key group

HEY! my key group all went to classic, just looking for active ppl who need a druid. I play all 4 specs. prefer resto/bala but don’t mind bear and idk why you would want a cat over a boomy but I can do that too
only ended last season 1750, I want to push it further this season.
add me if interested.

You are looking for only M+ people, or are you looking to raid too?
We are are looking to recruit another healer/DPS hybrid so if you are able to raid Tues/Wed 7EST to 11EST lemme know!
I myself do a lot of M+ pugging, so would be happy to have you along for that as well.

Hi there Little!

I will try to keep this as simple and non boring as possible.

Dracarys Productions on Bleeding Hollow was a guild founded in the middle of Legion to engage players in fun friendly activities without the stress off logs/parses. Our main goal was to engage in end game content as well as run mog/mount runs and pvp.

Fast Foward to BFA and our numbers diminished but we were still going strong running mythics and raid.

Here we are now in 8.2. I had to take some time away from running my guild and unfortunately lost alot of players due to that. Most members are alts or just offline members.

I came back to my guild to try and rebuild the community that I had once aspired to do!

My goal is to engage members in that fun-friendly environment.

LF all classes/specs! Need people to run end game content with such as Mythic’s and Raid. We will do mog/mount runs, some pvp and island expeditions, and even help those that are leveling!

Raid days will be Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:00 pm EST

If you want a more laid back, casual enviornment feel free to message me for more information!!

Discord- Glidergirl90#7366

I look forward to speaking to you soon