3/4 Green Dragon Spawn Bug Still Active

Has anyone had any respawns since the 3/4 deaths?

We did on Anathema, but only 3 out of 4 spawned again. Same dragons, same positions, same missing dragon at same missing position. Emeriss is the last dragon alive…and it’s been a 13 hour stalemate. #Emerisssogriefable

You’re saying you had 2 spawns in a week that were both 3/4? Was this one layer?

Herod experiencing same issue. Dragons re spawned on Wednesday after server restart but only 3/4 on both layers. They have not re-spawned again since being killed on Wednesday.

Pagle had 4/4 on one layer and 2/4 on the other. Neither layer has spawned a second set of dragons.

Still nothing on Stalagg (lol) either

Windseeker: 3/4 spawned @ reset, no respawn since. @Cheroba, could it be you didn’t know about your 4th dragon being killed?

A blue post would be greatly appreciated as we are spending quite some time scouting.

We are only a single layer on Anathema (we’re the third lowest populated realm).

Earthfury no respawns. Neither layer had a 4th dragon. WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS

I watched them spawn both times and then flipped through my level 1 alts to see what dragon was where. Each time we had three out of four. Currently, Emeriss is still up from our second spawn, because mushrooms created by opposite faction go BUUURRRRR.

so you got a 3/4 spawn and a 3/4 respawn? Did anyone from blizzard force that respawn?

I’ve got a 3/4 reset spawn on my server but no respawn u_u.

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Same issue on netherwind - and now were not going to get a respawn of the dragons. Any update blizz?

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Hey Petere,

That’s right, we got a 3/4 and then another 3/4 spawn. I don’t know if they forced a respawn, but it happened. We also had Azzy spawn 10 hours outside of his normal window, so that was also new this week.

3/4 Dragons Spawned on Skeram this past week after reset (4/21), haven’t seen a new spawn since.

Kromcrush reporting in. 3/4 spawned Weds. Lethon/duskwood missing. 3rd dragon downed at midnight Thursday. Still within respawn window.

Arcanite Reaper here. 3/4 of them spawned at 3pm PST on wednesday and were all dead before 5pm, we have yet to see the 4th dragon spawn in duskwood and have yet to see any dragons respawn. We have had 2 sets of Kazzak and Azuregos already though.

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Can we have an update on this, is anything being done?

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I too was hoping to get a response here since reset is tomorrow.

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Only 3 of the 4 spawned on our server today.

Can one of you GM’s go downstairs into the basement and brush the dust off the World of Warcraft Classic computer and reinsert the floppy disk that spawns world dragons?