3/4 Green Dragon Spawn Bug Still Active

Just had all green dragons but ashenvale spawn on a layer on Benediction. As of now only 3 total. :frowning:

3 of 4 on both layers Arugal (OCE)

only 3 of 4 on westfall spawned

Only 3/4 spawned on Anathema. No hinterlands.

Same here. Just had three dragons spawn, no fourth.

Thanks for the reports about this, everyone. We are currently investigating this issue.


same thing is happening to old blanchy us, 3/4 dragons always spawning and its not in ashenvale.

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Heartseeker only had two dragons spawn, Taerar and Lethon.

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The timer cycles after the last one dies. Since We only could kill 3 the timer wont reset. We wont get another spawn this server reset without blizz intervening.


The same thing happened on Kirtonos on Tuesday night: Emeriss, Taerar, and Lethon spawned in Duskwood, Hinterlands, and Ashenvale, but Ysondre did not spawn in Feralas.

Any update? It’s been two days and you already know they won’t spawn again until you spawn the last one and it dies. I

Checking in on this as well. The entire server community is concerned that we won’t see another spawn during the respawn window even though we killed all the available dragons (3). Can we get an update?

I didn’t even notice this until just now. Layer 2 isn’t even randomizing the spawns. It looks like whichever dragons you got on Layer 2 will keep repeating.


The server Anathema is also experiencing this issue. Only 3/4 dragons have spawned in the last two spawn cycles. Specifically, there has been no dragon spawning in the Hinterlands in both times. Also, both times it was Taerar that did not spawn.

This right here. Also on Anathema. Confirming that same dragon spawned at each location as Tuesday with no spawn at Hinterlands.

Has anyone had any respawns since the 3/4 deaths?

We did on Anathema, but only 3 out of 4 spawned again. Same dragons, same positions, same missing dragon at same missing position. Emeriss is the last dragon alive…and it’s been a 13 hour stalemate. #Emerisssogriefable

You’re saying you had 2 spawns in a week that were both 3/4? Was this one layer?

Herod experiencing same issue. Dragons re spawned on Wednesday after server restart but only 3/4 on both layers. They have not re-spawned again since being killed on Wednesday.

Pagle had 4/4 on one layer and 2/4 on the other. Neither layer has spawned a second set of dragons.