320% worth of XP pots?

(Akarrosh) #6

So long as they’re not in the same stack when you take them it goes up… and you can’t right click the buff to get rid of them… Kinda regret testing other methods. Because now I’m stuck with it.


Nobody using the bug thinks that. I hope at the very least they get rolled back

(Tilra) #8

One of my subs on youtube just posted a walkthrough how to do this exploit. So expect a lot more people to do it.

If Blizz doesn’t ban the people doing it/roll back the levels they got doing this then they might get rid of the pot entirely or nerf it to the ground.

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Any way to get a blue reply on this? Pretty sure it’s not working as intended, but if it is, idk what to say. lol


Have seen multiple instances of this as well. Just wanting to know if you guys care or not. Cause if not I guess I’m finishing all my alts tonight. :slight_smile:

(Levíathan) #11

Not blue, but I can say that QA is a aware and is investigating.


i think its intended but the bug is that it wasnt stacking


There was another instance of this same bug (Diff potion) that was fixed awhile ago. If it were not a bug then you wouldn’t have to separate the potions into multiple stacks to use them, you would be able to use multiples in one stack.


Maybe it was a bug that you needed to separate the potions for it to stack? Its been 3 days of this usually Blizzard is pretty quick to fix things like this


Hopefully there will be action taken against those who used this…not fair to others who don’t have infinite time to level up.


How is it not fair if its available to everyone?


^This in every sense, I could see if it’s even just a oh snap, Pally’s only can do this. But literally anyone can do it. So… Just do or don’t do it?


Don’t feign ignorance. Not everyone can do it. Reasons include

  1. the threat that action may be taken because of it obviously being a bug and
  2. some people won’t even find out before it’s fixed

Edit: Not saying ban. Just saying take their levels back.


And if they ban the people doing it then what or roll back you leveled for no reason


It’s not feigning ignorance. Regardless of repercussion the ability to do it is available to anyone able to access said item. Now if they ban or roll back levels then it’s a risk people took and as such must face the decision they made. But outside of that there isn’t anything literally stopping the process.


Nothing literally stopping the process - just like literally nothing stopping you from running down the street naked.


Blizz fixes bugs fast but this has been here for days now. Many ppl are telling me that its not a bug so i think i might try it


Yes, but again that’s not the definition of ignorance. It’s again a decision made by an individual who has the ability to do it, regardless of said consequence…

If blizz doesn’t roll levels back or ban anyone, I just want to see all the “I wish I did it posts.”


XP Potion stacking

You can currently stack the buff from Draught of Ten Lands - Item - World of Warcraft if you separate them into stacks of 1 before using them.

This is way it is done.
I found it at ownedcore .com in the forums /world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-exploits/781917-xp-potion-stacking.html
I won’t do this as I know it is cheating. Hopefully Blizzard will do something to correct it.

(Levíathan) #25

Often it comes down to exploiting a bug, which is covered in the EULA.

During Legion, there was a timewalking bug that was available to everyone where players could eternally repeat the weekly quest that awarded the 500 Timewarped Badges. Some players upon realizing it began intentionally exploiting it to an extreme degree. Once the bug was fixed, the worse offenders were actioned for exploiting.