3/10M exp Group of 3 LF guild. Warlock, Ele shaman, and WW

Hello, my friends and I are looking for a new home. We have all raided in Cutting Edge guilds in past expansion. Looking for a guild that raids 2 days a week and we are looking to raid together. Our current experience is 3/10M. We are are looking to raid any day besides weekends between 7:00pm CST- 11:00pmCST. Between all us of we bring experience and a depth in class. I couldn’t include links in the post so the number are the avg heroic pares.
If you are interested please add my Bnet: Rostafer#1882 or discord Jachiy#3282


  • Prot Pally 220ilvl ( holy off spec) (75)
  • Warlock 207 ( looking to Main)


  • Wind Walker ilvl 222(85)
  • Priest


  • ele Shaman 221 ilvl (reso off spec)(92)
  • hunter