30 instances is BS

Boosting helps how?

People simply won’t pay it.

lol it was an exaggeration, but I definitely see it being 5g now

It’s not account-wide. It’s a single realm-wide:

According to you. Guess what? No one cares what you think.

Quit punishing everyone because your subpar gaming company cant figure out how to ban exploiters. Id boycott and refund this game if there was something i enjoyed playing more. Whats going on with blizz the past few years theyre losing it.


Blizzard you literally had it in your hand. We wanted no changes; just ban bots. You literally had to do N.O.T.H.I.N.G


People did all that in vanilla wow. There is still video’s of locks doing DM jump runs to farm thorium veins, mages killing lashers for gold, and people still boosted friends/guildies.

The only difference is that boosting from mages is vastly different then what it was back in the day what with Mara, scholo, and BRD strats. Higher tier dungeons you’d just have a 60 run you through it killing the mobs insanely fast aka power leveling, also now known as boosting.

Not really sure why they just cant ban botting but this is the next best thing

effects not even 2% of pop

No this doesn’t effect bots get that through your head they just do 6 hours and switch the bot to another server and rotate through 4 servers going 24/7 dude…

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I want whatever your having, must be some good stuff.

Jump runs were a thing in Vanilla from DM release to the end of vanilla. There are literally crying posts about lasher loot nerfs dated 2006. Just because you were/are god awful doesn’t mean everyone was 15 years ago.


June 19, 2020

WoW Classic

  • Blade of Eternal Darkness will no longer proc from non-damaging spells.
    • Developers’ notes: In original WoW patch 1.12.1, we fixed some misbehavior with Blade of Eternal Darkness that unfortunately got carried into WoW Classic. We fixed it again in the WoW Classic AQ patch (1.13.5), but decided to go ahead and bring the fix to the live game.
  • 40-player raid instances are no longer affected by the 30-per-day limit on entering dungeons.
    • Developers’ notes: We have seen only a small handful of legitimate players encountering the recently added instance limit, but we want to ensure that anyone who does hit the cap is still able to freely participate in raid content.>

I think we can at least be happy they fixed this

As a person who works 169 hours a week with 2 wives and 9 kids, I can say I have a full life, but still manage to hit the instance lockout every 24 hours queing between BGs while grinding for rank 14.

This is unacceptable blizz.

You could level an alt with them… Or, at least help them kill elites for all the group quests through the world. Lots of xp and rep to be had that way! I imagine you could also port them all over the world to help cut down on travel time.