3 Raiders LF team in 9.2! Willing to server and faction transfer

Hello, 3 raiders/key pushers looking for a guild to mythic raid with . All three of us have achieved KSM in 9.0 (not hard I know), we got AOTC on both tiers before taking a break. Got relatively unlucky with guilds. We can raid Tuesdays, Thursday, Friday, Sundays we all wrote up a bit about ourselves feel free to read it and reach out to me if you think we might be a good fit for a group!
My discord is Ripleey#0501. I can get everyone together to chat if we need too!

Hey! im Ripleey, Im looking for a guild to push into mythic and run keys with! I started playing in 9.0 and got 10/10H on both CN and SoD and have wanted to push into mythic for a while. After I got AOTC on SoD I took a break from the game and recently decided to come back for 9.2. I’m active, always looking to get better, and very interested in feedback and help. My main is Demo warlock and elemental shaman, technically I can also alt spec onto rsham.

Hey there im Niv, stora, whatever you wana call me =) As is the running theme in this merry band of goofballs, im looking for a guild to get into some mythic raiding, CE potentially, and keys.

I only started playing wow in shadowlands but I went 10/10H and 3/10M before my guild fell apart due to drama, joined another guild in 9.1 and went got AOTC again and dabbled in mythic before the guild again disbanded due to burnout. I have extensive “mythic” raiding experience from other games specifically swtor where ive cleared just about every nightmare (mythic) boss in the game both on teir and as they’ve scaled the content up. Im always looking to get better and love taking constructive criticism. If I’m a dumbass call me out and help me be less dumbass!

In 9.0 and 9.1 both I primarily played healers but only did that out of a necessity for the group. If at all possible, I’d love to be a tank. My main is vengeance DH, but theoretically I can play any of the tanks except for warrior, it’ll just take some practice. If tanking is out of the question completely then I’d sorta be more inclined to dps in which case it would be havoc.
I can pull up logs from 9.0 and 9.1 from the classes that I played to sorta show you the level of player I am if you’re interested!

Hi, my name is Illermi, often called Mimi, and I’m looking to find a guild interested in mythic raiding, with the possible goal of pushing to CE by the end of the tier.

I main a resto druid and have experience playing resto shaman and hpally as well. Depending on the needs of the group, I would be willing to play those classes instead.

In the past, I achieved AoTC as part of a guild group every tier I played, and I have some mythic experience with the first few bosses of each tier. Those guilds were never too interested in mythic progression though, so I didn’t get farther than that. With the dissolution of my most recent guild due to burnout, I’m hoping to find a group more focused on mythic raiding.

Thank you for reading! You can check out some of my logs at Illermi-Tichondrius if you’re interested

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Hey there, I’m unsure if our guild would be one you all would be interested in but I wanted to reach out as we’d love to chat with all of you! We sadly don’t have a tank spot available but we have dps and healer slots still open. I’ll leave all our other copy paste info below but we hope to hear from you and if not then I wish all of you luck on your search!

Chaotic Neutral is an established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon, while we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we’re a guild that prefers to have fun than get angry about progress.
We raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday Heroic/alt night in the same time frame if we have the people. We were 6/10M CN and 3/10M SoD with Soulrender at 16% until we had to take a break due to many of our raiders having real life pop up.

I’ll leave all our additional info below but if you’re interested then please put in an app on our guild site or add my btag to get in contact, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search!

Guild Site: http://www.cnguild.org/
Forum Post: [A][Turalyon] <Chaotic Neutral> - 8/8H & 3/8M | Recruiting for Dragonflight! Class Needs updated!
Btag: GingerHeals#11438

Dusk to Dawn @ Mal’Ganis is a long standing guild that is looking for new blood to fill out our roster. We have a skilled roster but the roster boss is what is slowing us down, due to the state of the game. We have a laid back raid atmosphere but know when to turn on the “focus” button when needed.

We are willing to gear out people just coming back to the game that can show logs from other raids that look promising. As a guild we run alot of Mythic plus and alt Heroic SOD runs. Very alt friendly guild. We mostly play late night due to life. Very friendly guild with the average age of around 28.
We need any exceptional ranged DPS, also an Enh Shammy. We are open to bringing on Tanks and Healers if 1 of our main raiders was willing to swap positions for you. Also if we feel that you are good enough to fill up that role in their spot.

Like the title says we raid for 2 hours tues, wed, and thurs @ 12pm to 2am EST.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk more about possibly joining us you can contact me in game at ImIntheWorld#1201 or through Discord @ Devil#9780


Drunk n Disorderly is a Horde guild on Zul’Jin looking for more players to fill our roster entering 9.2.

We are an AOTC focused guild (have achieved it each tier since forming), and we maintain a very relaxed raiding atmosphere.

We have two raiding groups, a weekday group Tues/Wed 8-11pm est, and a weekend group Fri/Sat 8-11pm est.

If interested or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Discord at JimmyJointz#3302

Hey there,

Seems like you guys are a good fit for what we need.

[Guild: Hyperlight] AOTC Focused Guild (Cleared Heroic CN and SoD) Looking to add more players to our core for Sepulcher. We Raid Tues/Thurs 10:00pm - 1:00am EST. Laid back, non-elitist group.

Let me know if you want to know more. Disc- Axel988#5681 Btag- Axel#1492

Abomination - Area 52 is a casual guild. We started as a reroll guild, but are now moving to the next stage. Everyone any level any class is welcome to join us!

Our raid days are Thursday and Friday 7:30pm EST - 10:30pm EST. We are just raiding Thursdays until January. There is still some space on our raid roster for dps. Full on tanks and healers. Our current progress is 10/10N 10/10H 1/10M. Our goal is to hit heroic at a reasonable pace, achieve AOTC every tier and possibly more. Repairs, flasks, feasts, etc, will all provided for each raid when appropriate.

Raid Recruitment Needs:
Any non-mail dps
1 Healer

If you are not interested in raiding we have people running keys every day. We also have a social/alt raid on Sundays at 7:30pm EST.

So if you are interested in joining us, having some fun, and making new friends or have some questions feel free to join us in discord: discord.gg/abomination

Hello! We are recruiting for prog in 9.2 and seem to align with your CE/key pushing aspirations. The only point of contention is that we raid Wed/Thurs 6pm-9 Pacific, but if Wednesday is still doable for you please check us out :slight_smile:

I’m gonna keep this as short as possible.

I’m a somewhat returning raider who has raided in the top 10 US, as well as various top 50 guilds. I’ve successfully created and maintained multiple guilds which have all achieved CE within a relevant time span. The goal is simple, CE every tier moving forward within a reasonable time.

This is going to be a fresh start. I don’t care if you have ZERO mythic exp, this is a place where you can start. All I ask is that you know how to play your class, and understand the resources available to you to improve. I’ve always believed in having fun while raiding, and plan to keep it that way.

What you need to know:

  • Raid times and days will be Tues / Thurs 8:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST

  • Have a set of raiders already ready to go, all CE experience.

  • Fun and engaging environment.

  • As mentioned above, NO prior mythic exp required, just know your class and how to PUMP.

What we’re recruiting:

  • DPS (both melee and ranged)
  • Healers

I know what it takes to achieve CE and clear end game content. If you’re looking for a new start, or looking to break into mythic raiding for the first time, this is a fantastic opportunity. If you’d like to apply, feel free to add me to bnet: Supremacy#11937

Hiya! I think you would really enjoy our team and fit in well based on your goals/personalities.

[A] < Coup de Grâce> Recruiting for H/M progression [US – Azjol Nerub]

~About Us~

We’re a semi-hardcore raiding guild established in 2008, with a fair number of our core players being part of the guild for much of that time. We value community as well as progress and try our best to run events outside of raids including regular mythic+ runs (with some pushing 20 keys), AmongUs/Jackbox games, transmog/achievement runs, and hosting communities/servers in other games.


Tuesday 6-9pm ST (8-11pm EST)

Sunday 6-9pm ST (8-11pm EST)

Our goal is to push through AOTC quickly and continue as far as we can go in mythic in a low time commitment. We’re looking for players who are patient, smart, want to improve together, have a good attitude, and can contribute to a high skill environment where we can trust each other. We like to have fun and joke around a lot during raid but also know when to focus up and down that boss.

Please feel free to add me for any questions about the guild or our application process at:

Discord: Keaudex#5097

Bnet: Keaudex#1808



Hey you three. Good luck on finding a home. Naughtytime here! GM/Raid lead of the EO :slight_smile: Back with some more guild recruiting! Alliance guild, Kel’thuzad.

I know you’re horde but if the shoe fits I’d love more key pushers and raiders for our mythic prog :slight_smile:

This last tier was a huge test for me personally. I was down over 15+ raiders and multiple officers from castle tier, and relatively it went pretty smooth! I have recruited some awesome people and super excited to see where we can go in 9.2 :slight_smile: We are currently on raid break to rest up and take a mental break for 9.2. I think Everyone reading this knows 9.1 was a hell of a wild patch lol.

We are an AOTC/casual mythic prog team. We push heroic content pretty hard core then progress as long as we can into mythic before the tier ends. We finished 10/10 AOTC and 1/10 mythic in the SoD tier! We had problems getting a consistent 20 people without pugs and we know how rough pugs can be :frowning: Which is why I am here posting this!! I need more committed gamers for our raid team! We are about a team of 19-22 right now. :slight_smile:

We raid wed/Thursday usually, with some Tuesday sprinkled in to match times for people (this is ALWAYS communicated and voted on) 7-10 server (9-12 eastern for a reference)


DPS : Mage, Monk, DK, druid, hunter, ETC. Literally about anything. We are not being picky!

Healer : Druid, shaman, monk, disc priest. (2 holy priest right now :stuck_out_tongue: )

Tanks : We have our tanks set, but one of our main tanks is a very good damage and it would be a nice boost to have him able to damage. A tank that could communicate, and we could depend on would be an awesome find for us!

I really appreciate all the people that have stood by my side since the start of this expansion and of course the new people that helped us with our 9.2 tier. I am looking forward to where we can go from here and push farther into mythic content. I feel like we have a strong team willing to work together, along with possibly some old raiders coming back to bolster our roster. New blood will only make us stronger!

Mythic keys are done regularly, 9.2 should be a good patch for us with keys! We have a lot of people running them right now! PVP has always been dead, but it’s never out of the question

Horde are always welcome; I understand transfer changes are hard and to trial is a pain in the butt. But I am sure we can figure something out, so you have a home! Come to the dark side!!

Super excited to here from of you and hope I can welcome you to our guild with open arms!

Contact me here - Excited to chat :slight_smile:

Discord - Ty - Resent#3575
Bnet - Bubonict#1987