3 DPS looking for a guild

Whisper is looking for DPS for our Mythic roster if you’d like to trial with us. We raid Tu and Wed 7:15-11pm EST and are 5/9M BoA and we are also recruiting raiders for next patch.

Check us out and apply at https://whisperwhisper.enjin.com

Will try and add when i get home

Hey there Bignoodle!

In case you’re still looking and a weekend schedule could work for your group, check out Murloc Madness! We are a casual heroic only guild that aims for AOTC every tier while maintaining a relaxed, fun and positive atmosphere. We have been successful in achieving our goals since Legion. We have spots open for a variety of DPS (melee and ranged) and have space for all of you should we be a good match. We also play a lot of games outside of wow too! Our info is below, hope to hear from you and best of luck in your search!

<Murloc Madness>
About Us: <Murloc Madness> is a casual heroic weekend raiding guild located on Area 52. When we’re not raiding, our members are hanging out in Discord playing various games together or just chatting.
Raid Schedule: Friday 10pm-1am EST &amp; Saturday 9pm-1am EST
Progression: 2/2H CoS | 9/9H BoD| 8/8H Uldir | All Legion AOTC
More Info: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Murloc+Madness
Website: Apply at https://murlocmadness.enjin.com/

Officer: Aszuna (Btag: Ophelea#1117, Discord: Aszuna#8963)
Officer: Inuyokai (Btag: Inuyokai#11219, Discord: Inuyokai#4918)
Spread the Madness!

Got caught up with something so wasnt able to get on tonight with an early day of work tomorrow. Appologize. Will be there tomorrow.

We are a laid back group of friends that focus on raiding and good times. We do it all here from Mythic 10+keys to islands, raiding and even some PvP together. the raid team is 9/9H BoD and 1/9M and raid Tues/Thurs 7pm-10pm server time est. We are looking for some dps for the new raid. Can use any dps and melee are welcome to join( we only have 3 lol)

for more info my RID is crylose#1277

Gonna be on for a bit tonight lads, hope to find a guild soon

Armageddon Industries
Adult (ages 21+, 30+ preferred) Heroic AotC & M+ guild.
**T/Th 11pm-2am EST. **

Our team is returning from a wow raiding break. We were spending our raid time in other games during the break, but are excited to be back for 8.2 and are LF new blood to add to our team & multi game community.

We do meta achieves when they are current, xmog/mount/achievement farming, and have a high desire to push more M+.

For more info see our current recruitment post.

Guild Master / Raid Lead
bnet = Armageddon#1974
discord = Skybolt#2791

Recruitment Officer
Battletag ID - Mirielle#1541
Discord ID - Miriel#2724

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Hey bignoodle,

HoZ is looking for more dps and healers to join our core raid grp! Come check us out!

House of Zug: Tues/Thurs (8:30-12:00 am EST) Heroic Raiding Guild

Who we are: We’re a two night progression guild that’s been raiding since 2011 on US-Area 52. Most are professionals of some sort, who appreciate everyone’s time but want to get things done. Have yet to miss an AOTC, and have numerous members willing/capable of handling 10+ Mythic dungeons.

Check us out at www.houseofzug.com or contact us on bnet Atian#1526 or Direglaive#2356 in discord.


Extraordinary Raiders. Real Progression. Casual Schedule.

House of Zug (est. May 24, 2011) is a progression-focused Warcraft raiding guild, operating within a two-night weekly schedule. We offer efficient, fun progression to professionals, students, and parents with exceptional skills and limited gaming availability.

House of Zug has raided uninterrupted since establishment and maintains the highest standards of professionalism and transparency. Our officers are real-life managers and professionals who volunteer their exceptional leadership skills to deliver a fun, mature, and productive gameplay experience for our members.

Please visit our website to see the dedication and passion of our community.

Website: www.houseofzug.com

Contact: Atian#1526 Direglaive#2356 in discord or Scryed#1908

Realm: US-Area 52 (PVE)

Faction: Horde

Timezone: US-East Coast

Raid Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays. 8:15 PM - 12:00 AM (Eastern)

Check out our recruitment video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqjCCTHGa6s&amp;amp;feature=youtu.be



Even though we are progression focused, House of Zug is a relaxed and fun-loving community. We work together to improve and accept fair and respectful criticism when appropriate. We love to joke during farm content, but during progression, expect clear, calm, and direct communication. Member age is roughly 25 to 45—many of whom have families and full-time careers outside of the guild.


House of Zug believes in a shared approach to raiding. Our members actively participate in events and community discussions and work with the raid leaders both inside and outside of raiding to form and improve upon our tactics. Our guild forums are heavily utilized, and all members are encouraged to take up leadership roles within the community. ​


House of Zug is a long-standing guild that has run uninterrupted since inception. We enjoy extremely low turnover, and our members rarely burnout due to our lightweight schedule. We respect your time by always starting and ending raids according to schedule. ​​


House of Zug fits a perfect niche in the raiding community. As a two-night guild, we attract many top-tier players who cannot commit to the unforgiving schedule of a server-first raid team. Moreover, as a flexible guild, our members do not have to feel like they are letting down their team by missing a raid night every once in awhile.


We treat Warcraft like a sport. Sports are games and should be fun. However, they also require discipline and teamwork. Although we only raid seven hours per week, we give 100% during that window. Raids are well-paced and efficient. Our raiders understand that their responsibility to the team stems beyond raid times.


Our website and forums are dedicated to providing raiders the resources necessary to take their game-play to the next level. When the officers give feedback, it is specific and factually-based. House of Zug prioritizes improvement and attitude above all else and promotes a culture that rewards mechanics over out-of-context meters.


House of Zug never rejects members based on raid performance, gear, or skill–only attitude. Any applicant who shares our values and vision is a welcome member of House of Zug. If an applicant does not currently meet the requirements to raid with the Progression Team, our officers will work with him or her to outline the specific areas for improvement needed to participate in high-end raids. If you are willing to put in the work, you will eventually make the team!


We respect the time, diversity, and integrity of every player and will not tolerate those who do not. Our officers combine over 25-years guild and raid leadership to bring you the best possible gaming experience which does NOT include yelling, name-calling, or other non constructive forms of communication. ​


House of Zug runs a transparent guild. Every policy, action, system, and event is clearly posted on the website. Upcoming and changing policies are discussed in our Guild News feed and posted to discord & our website.

Visit Our Website to learn more


Sounds like our kind of players. We are more than a guild we are a community.

Casual raiding where everyone has a spot. Group looks for more to fill roles heading into 8.2

Raid nights wed/thu 8-10 server time (EST) - Goal is hit new raid normal difficulty then move to heroic. AOTC is goal of guild.
Guild M+ night is Mondays
RBG group forming with goal of 3 wins per week working towards titles, mounts and conquest goals.

Social atmosphere where discord is often up for events and everyone helps each other out. We are not a mythic raiding group by all means but we all have fun while playing.

Feel free to raid with us as a trial. We also have cross realm raiders in a community so no need to swap servers. Cross realm is an option for the guild as long as people are dependable.

More info ask here or add kendrickious#1349, dagde#1338, ForTheHorde#119416

Hope to hear from you soon.


Are you looking for a new guild? Do you play other games and wish you knew other people to play with? Are you hoping to find a more friendly group to play WoW with?

Evolved was created to provide a drama free, family oriented, and people focused environment for mature (18+) gamers who wish to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.

Evolved originally started in World of Warcraft when a group of players who had been together for years decided to set out and create their own gaming community that truly felt like home. We wanted a place where players could have a fun time in a relaxed casual atmosphere but still be able to have a sense of accomplishment as a guild. Evolved was created to give its members a place to play various games together while being able to stay together in a community.

We are actively recruiting for our raid team. We are in heavy need of more melee dps and shamans of all type , but still welcome all roles who apply. Of course, you don’t have to raid to join and we don’t require you raid every night. We understand that real life comes first! We like to think of ourselves as accomplished casual raiders - we’re still casual but when it comes to getting new bosses and content down, we take it seriously while still having fun!

Evolved is a Horde guild on Area52. We have a well established sister guild on Proudmoore as well.

Evolved Raid Progress: Battle for Dazar’Alore: 9/9N 2/9H

Raid Schedule

Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 10:30 PM server time (EST). Optional raid night Fridays from 8:30 to 10:30 PM server time as well

We also welcome non-raiders who want to focus on more social activities, PVP, or mythic plus dungeons…

If this sounds like it would be a good home for you and you wish to apply or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the recruitment officers through BNet Kalysta#1968, Seabass#1210 or Discord Aellice#1735, Seabass#5631, . You can also do a /who Evolved Gaming and whisper any member to talk to an officer

You can apply at our forums at:

http:// Evolvedgaming. org/

Evolved Gaming is focused on building connections and friendships that grow not just in one game, but can evolve and span across many games and communities. Our player’s want more than just a bunch of random people to join them in games, but people who actually care and want to be there. We would love to have you be part of our community! We also have a sister Alliance guild on Proudmoore!!!

We got caught up in new content, now we gotta forcus back on this

Âsylum (Horde) 2 day week AOTC focused new raid team is looking to fill our ranks. We are currently looking for DPS and have openings for both mele and ranged. Tues/Wed 8:30-11 server. Open to casual players as well! Hit me up on discord if you are interested! Aearo#9581

[Area-52] <What Are Logs> 2 Day 7/9H [US-Horde] LF Ranged Dps

TLDR: AOTC Guild with Semi-Hardcore Mythic Progression. Looking for dps for mythic

Raids every Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00PM-10:30PM EST.

A lot of Mythic plus

Current Raiding Needs For Raid Team

Tanks: Recruiting Closed

Healers: Recruiting Closed

DPS: Recruiting Ranged Dps. Melee will be Considered

For more info or to ask some questions don’t hesitate to PM my
Bnet: Nightgunner#1901

Discord: Mat#4382 (best option)
Or Reddit to inquire.’m

Hi there, we are looking for more dps for our Tues/Wed raid team. We are active all day/evening running M+ and all sorts of stuff together. Our raid team runs Tues/Wed 8:30-11 EST.
Add me on Discord if you are interested. We are on Area-52 Horde side. Aearo#9581

We recently formed with multi cutting edge leadership and 2.5kio experienced players looking to build a positive, constructive, and successful Mythic guild. Our vision is build a fun raiding guild to push through heroic and into mythic content very shortly, built with independent and dedicated players. We hope to construct an active community of committed players to be able to push end game content.

Raid Times

Tuesday- 10pm-1am EST
Wednesday- 10pm-1am EST
Thursday- 10pm-1am EST


This post will be edited as we fill our ranks. I will only remove classes when i’m positive we have found a reliable player, if your class is still listed we are still currently looking for the right fit for us.



ALL TANKS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A DPS OFFSET.(if you don’t currently have a dps offset we can help you get one.)

Recruiting all exceptional dps at this time


We expect all of our raiders to keep themselves informed on their class, as well as do what is necessary to play their toon to the best of their ability. We expect that all raider act mature and keep a level head during raid hours AGGRESSIVE NEGATIVITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. We expect all of our raiders to prepare themselves with the proper knowledge of the content before entering into an encounter. Trusting your team is key, and proving we are reliable is the first step.

We would like to build a guild that’s fun to play with. Where we all enjoy logging on for raid nights. Everyone is here to have fun, but the most fun is when you can kill sh*t too right?

Add GM Aiakos#1689- If you have any questions or are interested in joining this team…


Here is some copy pasta guild spam for your consideration :slight_smile: Be rad to chat soon if you are still looking!

Chemical Imbalance is looking for more skilled raiders to push into 8.2 Mythic content.

We expect the best from all our players, including officers who live up to their titles and raiders who maximize their performance, not their excuses.

Please note all raids are mandatory and players are expected to post out in advance when they know they will have to miss a raid, so check your schedule before your proceed further!

We are not looking for raiders who only show up for farm nights or are generally unreliable.

Our team raids from 9:00pm-12:00pm EST(server time) Friday and Saturday

8/8 N EP
8/8 H EP

What can you expect from us?

-Within our raid team you can expect a friendly and reliable group of players willing to help out others and also run other content outside of raiding such as mythic+ 5 man content, world quest, ect

-Our raids are laid back with a fun atmosphere, but focused and ready to give it our best when it comes to bosses.

-Raiders that are constantly pushing to improve their characters, Whether it be by re-gemming completely, researching their class consistently, or just working on improving their play style.

Current Openings:
Healers = druid/monk preferred
Tank = Closed
Melee = Ret Pally, Rogue highest priority
Ranged = Warlock, Shadow Priest highest priority

We will consider all classes/specs, if interested please feel free to contact.


Who is Reaper? is a two-day raiding guild on Area 52. Most of us have played together for years, and there are a lot of raiders with high-end experience who are willing to teach as we progress. We formed during Mists of Pandaria and have maintained the same leadership since day one. If you want to have a good time, kill some bosses, learn more about raiding, or even have knowledge to share, we want you.

Schedule Our raid schedule is Wednesday-Thursday 9:30PM-12:30AM EST, with raid invites going out 15 minutes before raid start. We also have other alt runs that spring up throughout the week and are active in Mythic Plus dungeons.

Current Needs We are currently recruiting RANGED DPS - specifically Mage, Warlock, Hunter and HEALERS with viable DPS offspecs.

We are always willing to consider new raiders regardless of specific recruitment needs at any given time and are currently planning to start a second raid team to progress heroic and mythic.

Contact BTag: Barrbarian#1366.

We are on the same server so no transfer would really like to talk with you

Nocturnal Sun on Area52 has a newly forming team recruiting for AotC, we will do mythic once AotC is done. Looking for raiders committed to personal improvement, as well as contributing to a fun team environment. We also take social apps for those not wanting to commit to raiding!

Raid times:
-Sat & Sun 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Team Goals:
-AoTC & Mythic Progression at our pace. As we are not in any sort of race mythic progression will be done at a pace that feels comfortable to the team once we reach our goal of AotC.

Team Needs:
High priority to healers or dps with heal off spec, high need for melee classes though DPS of all kinds please contact Jess, exceptional dps will always be considered!

Requirements – Min ilvl of 400 and min neck level of 50 for normal clears, basic knowledge of fights.

About Nocturnal Sun:
-We are a new team; however, a number of the players have raided together before and were 6/8H before this change was made.

  • We are an adult guild, if the occasional joking with each other and swearing bother you then we aren’t the guild for you!
    -We consider the enjoyment of the game and loyalty more important then your parse!

Team Expectations:
-We expect all raiders to hold themselves accountable, take ownership of your mistakes and learn from them. Help is always available if you aren’t understanding something or need clarification.
-We expect each team member to come prepared knowing the strategies for each boss before entering raid by looking at strat/kill videos/warcraftlogs replays.
-We expect all raiders to be able to take constructive criticism well so they can look into their own logs/wowanalyzer to improve their gameplay wherever it is needed.
-We expect raiders to have appropriate addons installed and updated before raid; we use Angry Assignments, GTFO and Weak Auras - this is not optional.

To apply contact:
-Jesseika#11484 (Discord Jesseika#6725) Jessieka
-Shadowiz128#1805 (Discord Shadowiz#3133) Shadowiz
Or fill out an app here https://forms.gle/rc6qi9bFesujs8ky6

unsure if you’re still seeking a guild?

Game of Gnomes is looking to recruit!

currently holding AOTC and 2/8M EP prog
We’re a chill group that enjoys raiding, running keys and some enjoy pvp.

raid nights:
Wed & Thurs 9p-Midnight EST (myth prog)
Sun 9p-11p EST (heroic run)

Let me know if this may interest you!
bnet is: DreadKitteh#1186

<Got Kicked> - Area-52 Horde is a 2 day raid team. We raid on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s from 9PM-12AM EST . Optional heroic clears are ran on Tuesday’s - same as regular raid time.
We’re a semi-casual guild who pushes each tier as far as we can through Mythic. The more competent our raid team is; the further we are able to push. If our team is competent enough this tier to try and push for CE then we will but we won’t stress over it.
Our guild is relatively small but filled with a close group of friends who constantly trash talk each other. This is the warning to all future recruits: If you get easily offended you need not apply!

We’re currently recruiting a Healer and competent DPS to progress through Mythic Eternal Palace.

We are currently seeking the following classes/specs/roles :

Tanks: Closed

Healers: Open to the following Classes
Restoration Druid
Mistweaver Monk
Restoration Shaman

DPS: Open to the following Classes/Specs
Beast Mastery Hunter
Marksmanship Hunter
Frost Mage
Fire Mage
Windwalker Monk
Shadow Priest
Affliction Warlock
Destruction Warlock

Please be able to provide a link to Warcraft logs with parses in the spec you are interested in applying as.

Requirements to apply:

  1. 430 ilvl Minimum.
  2. 8/8H Experience Minimum (3/8M Experience preferred) .
  3. HoA lvl 60 Minimum (ideally with us being on Mythic Ashvane Progression - a second minor (65) would higher chances given you meet the other criteria) .
  4. If you are off server you must transfer over (can be discussed upon application) .

Extra details about when in raid:

  1. Raiders are required to bring their own consumables (food, pots, flasks). We provide one cauldron per night and drop feasts as long as they’re in supply.
  2. Be enchanted and gemmed if you have gem slots on your gear (basic raiding guild requirements).

We also require the following addons :

  1. Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs
  2. RC Loot Council (All loots drops are obviously personal and if you are able to trade but want to keep it for yourself then just whisper our raid lead during loot rolls. All trade-able loot is handled through RC Loot Council where you select the appropriate option based on upgrade. We then decide where it goes as a council (GM, CoGm, Officers).
  3. WeakAuras 2

If you meet the following criteria and wish to apply you may contact us through bnet: Jade#1232 or Brew#11622. We will give more information then.

Last reminder: If you get easily offended you need not apply!